Saturday, 14 April 2007

News from Norfolk!

Yo yo yo, I'm back!!!

Well at the moment I am staying with my Grandparents in Norfolk. (My mummys ma and pa and am being spoilt and treated like a princess etc etc, as I should be!!!!) Due to them being very un grandparentish my grandma has a laptop and wireless (take note Kevin, you parents in law have wireless!!!) and I am able to acess my blog, so thought I'ld log in and write you all an update as the internet is stupid at home (maybe we need to update to a new wireless router!!) and I can't log in, and feel very neglectful of you all.

Well the last time I wrote something I was in London in my mummys office using a laptop there on the sly, so didn't write much as I had emailed myself a blog to post, and seem to remember adding a little one as well....

So now I have nice short hair, and have had many compliments about it. I think some were a bit wary of my chopping off so much in one go!!! For those of you who read this and have facebook, check it out. Not great pics of me, but they show the hair!! Anyways, so after the hairdresser checking with me about 50 million times that I wanted to cut all that hair off, he did, and I think he enjoyed having to much to cut off!! He also found a streak of grey which he thought was fabulous and amazing etc etc etc I did not. Thank god it's hidden by hair that sits on top of it. When telling my mother with an almost trembling lip she said, 'oh yes, I knew that, I found them when I was playing with your hair!' Thank you oh dear mother of mine for sharing that at home with me so Icould have had a good blub over it!!

On the whole blubbing note, I get a bit upset when things throw me, and found myself nearly in tears in the carphone warehouse of all places! The reasoning for this close blub was that I'm going to change my phone and tarrif, and network and thought that I would do it on Wed when I went into the happening place of Newbury so had it planned in my head that it would all happen, but no! the mobile gods were against me!!!! I'm doing this because I hate my phone with a passion. LG chocolate white. Very pretty, but a piece of shit. It does my head in!! So after going in and discussing the various ways of getting a new handset and keeping my number resulted in me having to buy a new handset, ( no way, the one I want costs £300..any generous doners???.....thought not) I got a bit depressed about the whole thing until I mentioned that I have insurence. A HA said the person in the shop. Due to this after having insurence for 6 months (as I do) you can change tarrif/network and get a new phone and you don't have to pay off the rest of your current contract, we do!!! YAY YAY YAY....PARTY WOO!!! BUT he said, you can't keep your number, arse, arse, bollocks, arse, becuase it is an arse changing your number, expecially when it will be your 3rd mob number in a year (don't ask) But after thinking about it, and as I have rubbish vodaphone reception at home, I thought, ok, I'll do it. So last Wed, went into the carphone warehouse to do the swap, and was asked, 'do you have your charger? Box that you got the phone in? No....sorry, you can't get your new contract, oh and you do realise you have to give your phone in now.' And I was not prepared for this, stupid arse that I spoke to the week before hadn't told me any of this, and as I said previously, I don't take shocks I took some deep breaths, and left the shop quickly with brimming eyes. I took control of myself and went back to find out exactly what I had to give in when I change my phone. I also found out that the deal I want is not available yet with the Nokia I want, even though the bloke I spoke to the week before said it was. I was very adult, said I'd wait a month and do it when I can get the phone on T mobile. For some reason T mobile has great coverage at home and in flats that have reception black spots in Edinburgh. So am now stuck with stupid bloody phone and network for another month. That was not why I have told you about my mobile issues, but because I nearly started crying becuase the outcome was not what I expected it to be!! Bewarned, I have to be handled with care!!

Ok, onto the medical stuff which is the only reason (I assume)why you read this. After spending a week off the Glivec due to the stupid amounts of pain, and upping the pain killer dosage to 60mg of codine plus 200mg of ibroprufen every 6 hours and still not being able to move or sleep, I went back on it, and on Easter Sunday (5 days after being back on it) the pain came on really suddenly, and I had a chattering jaw on top of it. (as if I was shivering). So have been taken off it once again, and when I have my check up on Tues on London, I am being put on a different drug, (as I am now officially Glivec intolerant), at this moment in time, I can't remember what it's called. I assume it does the same sort of stuff as the Glivec.

I have also sorted out uni stuff, fingers crossed. I am going to finish my third year next year, and either graduate witha three year degree from Edinburgh, so I have a qualification of somesort, and graduate with all my buddies...with the option to go back and do a final fourth year and finish honours if I feel like it. At the moment 5 years of uni is not that appealing, but we shall see what I feel like when we get there. I also know that one of my friends is staying in edinburgh for a year after graduating as she is doing an art course, so I know I can live with her if I go back and do a fouth year.

What else, I don't know really. I'm loving being at home and looked after and am planning lots of holidays over the summer. I have at least 4 weeks of holidays so far!! As I'm not working, I might as well go abroad and get nice and brown, and really enjoy not working, as most holidays I work, and don't have much time off!! So I'm making up for it this summer!!

I have no idea what else to say, so shall bugger off before this becomes really dull!!

Hope all is well with everyone, and they are enjoying the beautiful sunny weather!!

Lots of love, laughter and smiles as usual!!!


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  1. i wish my mum would look after me!

    really happy your going ok mate.

    i could not post for a while since england was doing oddly well at the cricket. now your back at the bottom of the world i can make comments to english people again.