Sunday, 24 June 2007

part one of the double whammy

Dear all,

Well you lucky things are getting two postings today!! This is because I am rather crap, and have just had my second check up since being at home, and due to crapness of internet at home, have not had the opportunity to put a post up after my first appointment. So this post shall be dedicated to my first check up and happenings since then.

I had my check up on the morning of the 28th or 29th, can’t remember, 3 weeks ago anyway! My white cell count was down to 13.9 and platelets to 583, so all is well on that front. The cell killing drug is doing its work, and leaving me like me, and able to live my life with no hindrance, which is nice! So have of course continued damage to my liver, going out partying etc etc etc The new drug, dasatanib has been approved, so shall be going on that, but, dear readers, only after I have gone up to Edinburgh to pick it up. Yes, I have to go on an 18 hour round trip to sit in god’s waiting room for two hours, and to see my consultant for 30 seconds to get it. Oh the joy of England and Scotland having different NHS systems and prescription pads!! Because, I do believe it is due to the different pad that I have to go to Edinburgh, oh and because my consultant won’t post it, as she HAS to see me in person. Take a deep breath, hold it, count to three, exhale slowly and smile! This is of course what I did not do. When finding this out I yelled at my father, because it was obviously his fault as he was the nearest person to me, walked round the garden muttering at a rather loud and clear volume various colourful phrases!! I then realised, that my amazing wonderful brilliant saint like clic sergeant can get me the money for the train, thank god, as it’s already 80 quid…I kid you not! And can see my Edinburgh buddies and go out, and lets face it, no pretending, get hideously drunk! Do you see a pattern emerging with me, alcohol, and no side affects?!?!?!?

So what will happen with the new drug, that we do not know, but fingers crossed, not what happened with the last lot! Bugger, just realised that I haven’t asked about drinking and it….hmmmmm maybe my liver will get the rest it’s been begging me for….!!! Also as it’s new, they don’t know what it will do to fertility, so am seeing a fertility consultant (a man…of course!) at the Hammersmith to talk about getting eggs harvested and frozen etc. On reflection this is a good thing, cause if it does end up in a bone marrow transplant, at least this bit will have been done, so one less thing to go through. And it’s a good back up as my darling big sister pointed out. So I can take a cocktail of drugs every night, drink Odd Bins dry, do what ever I want, and still know that when I’m 70 and want to become the oldest mother, and get into the Guiness Book of Records, which face it, is my ultimate dream, I can!!

What else to report, don’t know really. Am having a lovely time at home seeing friends, and spending all my non existent money!! But then again, not much change there!!(ooh a thunder storm has begun, I LOVE thunder storms!!!!) Should probably expand on my social life, hmmmm, lets see…Spent a weekend in Oxford, bumped into someone I was at school with which was inevitable, but still odd!! Ate a lot, drank even more, and had a great time! I also had the pleasure of seeing a family friend who was over from America, for the most yum supper, and then again for afternoon tea. Yes, I am highly sophisticated and civilized!!! And spent a lot of time laughing, which is always good!! It was also nice that she had no problem whatsoever dishing the dirt on the rents, always a pleasure to hear what they got up to. I’m gifted with the memory of an elephant, and it’s funny what I can remember being told at crucial moments when needing ammunition against them! (But to be honest, it’s not that often, as I’m allowed to do basically what I want, I have a car, can drive (always a good combination as opposed to having a car and not being able to drive!), am 22 and have no problem whatsoever telling my father to fuck off!!!!) I was also told that I look like a debutant, woo!!! Rich husband here I come!!!

It’s odd, I know I’ve been quite busy, but when sitting down and trying to remember what I’ve been up to it’s a blank…apparently it’s to do with age…..

I’m still waiting to hear from the uni to find out that it’s been okayed that I can go back and finish my 3rd year next year, but as my DOS is the most incompetent man on this planet, I probably won’t hear till I email and ask, so should probably do that!

Am still persuading the father to get a wireless router…..

I’m afraid that my mind seems to have emptied I think it’s from being in the sun all day….one good thing about unemployment on sunny days, my tan is coming along beautifully!! And worry not, am wearing high factors, so no burning or anything nasty like that for me!

Aerosmith on Sunday, am soooooooooo excited!!! V I P as well!!! How much do you all hate me?!?! HA HA HA!!!!!!!!! For those of you on facebook, there will be pics….

Sorry this is rather uneventuful, I may think of things to say of amusement when sitting in Mummy’s office tomorrow posting about the check up tomorrow!

Lots of love, smiles and laughter as usual!!

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