Wednesday, 22 August 2007

a posting from pimlico

Dear All,

I am aware that I have been very quiet on the whole blog front. The main reason being that I can't do it at home, but this will probably change once we move (next fri) and you never know, the internet there may be different and allow me to log on...!!! I have also spent the most wonderful week in Sardinia, so obviously was not going to waste precious sun worshipping time on the net!

I am tired at the mo as have been up at stupid o'clock for the last god knows how many days as I can only go to the IVF clinic between 7.30 and 9.30 am and have to be there almost daily (oh the joys) and can't really be arsed to write a huge long update which I now I really should do....

Haematology stuff....all is good, off all drugs, white cell count was up a bit (16) last check up, but was to be expected. Next check up 10th Sept when I will prob have stems cells taken if the count has gone up to 50 or more...

IVF stuff...all good, having to inject myself daily with's amazing what you will do when you have to! Am not a complete hormonal mess which is nice, and think I'll have the eggs collected next monish. I'm sure I have more to say, but really can't think of anything. Am also sitting in an internet cafe in Pimlico and the house where I am staying at this week is just around the corner and I can hear the sofa calling me and there are a couple of trashy films that I have lined up to watch so think I will bugger off!

Sorry this isn't really that informative, everything is going well and I'm fine etc etc etc which I suppose is the most important part! Not sure when the next entry will be, possibly when I'm back at uni (12th ish) after the move and spending 8 days in Mallorca (HA HA HA enjoy the crap weather in sunny old England).

Lota of love etc etc etc


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