Thursday, 6 December 2007

Quite possibly the last post til Jan

Dear all,

Was at the Western once again this morning, with my lovely flatmate in tow! Not much to report, platelets up to 138 which is coolio hoolio, and white count is 4.2 so that's all good. Will have a check up in a couple of weeks at the Hammersmith to see how the platelet count is . I'm also not as tired and the hair has stopped falling out, so I had an inkling that the platelet count would be higher again this week.

In the new year I think my consultant up here is going to slowly up the dosage to see how my body reacts to it.

Have been very busy with friends up here, watching people ice skate (and fall over, highly amusing) at the temporary ice rink in Princes Street Gardens, drinking mulled wine and having a great week. Have once again spent rather a lot of money, so all donations welcome.....

Driving home tomorrow, oh the joys of living 400 odd miles away from uni, but am driving 2 friends with me, so will have company for the first time ever which will be nice! (on the drive that is, I'm not a loner all the time!)

Hope alls well with everyone etc etc etc

Lots of Love, laughter and smiles,

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