Sunday, 16 March 2008

sneezy mcsneezy

Dear All,

Right....where to start???

Good news.....don't think I'm sitting exams after Easter which is a HUGE relief. This is because about 3 week ago I went to see my DOS (director of studies...he's my tutor to look after me during my university career) and told him I felt like quitting cause I was so exhaustedfrom spending 10 hours a day reading in the library for essays, and didn't know how I'd cope with exmas. The 2 exams from this term I'd probably be ok with, but it was the 2 exams from courses 18 months ago that I was really worried about. He also thought that I was stopping treatment any minute now. Not entirely sure where he got that idea from, possibly cause I've always been so upbeat and positive...anyways, he said that he didn't want me going through the stress and pressures of exams, and as long as my consultant writes a letter saying that, he can get things put in place that mean that I don't have to sit the exmas.

Whilst in Egypt he got on the case, and has got it so I'm assessed 100% on coursework, which is fucking fantastic!! It means that after Easter I have officially finished uni, WOOP WOOP!! And I graduate on Wednesday 25th June. Unfortuately not with all my Histoy of Art buddies, as they have a different ceremony as they are getting the full MA Hons, but I'm on the same day, so hopefully they will wait for me outside after my graduation as I grauate in the afternoon and they are in the morning.

It's really quite bizarre that I am so close to the end, as it only feels like yesterday I was terrified in the car pulling up to Pollock (the halls of residence) to begin. It's also great that a large proportion of my really god friends, are those who I met in the begining, so they have been with me from the start through everything.

On the Egypt front, it was so amazing. The hotel in Luxor was lush! The people are so friendly and happy. The temples were (lets use my favourite word again...) amazing. And it was HOT!! 30+ degrees every day. My lizard like body loved every second of it. I want to go back as soon as possible. I loved it so much I started to cry as the plane took off....Mummy and Daddy weren't entirely sure what to do!!!

On the health front I have the lurgey that is going round, so have a stunning temperature and can't stop sneezing!! The hospital aren't bothered unless the temperature goes up to 38, and at the mo it's betweern 37.2-37.4, so fingers crossed it doesn't. It is hindering my ability to work though, which is a bit of an arse...worst comes to worse I have to get extentions, but nevermind.

Hmmm....what else?? Not sure, thinks that about it I think. Not looking forward to my bone marrow test which I have to have when I get back, cause it's going to hurt SO MUCH!! I do have a local anasthetic..and also a huge great big needle going into my hip! I'm having it to see if if I'm in remission I think...can't really remember, will find out more when I have it. I'm having it when I get back to uni after Easter, which will also prob be the next time that I blog as we all know I can't at home. Am only going home for about 10 days, and won't be having any check ups at home, so doubt there would be anything to blog about anyway!!

Right, me thinks this is long enough!

Hope all's well with everyone,

Lots of love, laughter and smiles,

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