Sunday, 27 February 2011

A little confession


I feel like I haven't blogged in a while, so thought I would do one now.  What to say??  I HAVE NO FOLLOWERS!!!!  Do you know how sad and depressing that is?!?!  Please, please, please can someone follow me???  I'd follow you!!!

I got 86% in my first chemistry practical, I know, I'm a geek.  I should probably also fess up to the 2 not so good marks I've had.  52 or was it 58% in my chemistry essay and 52% in my biology exam, but as I thought I had only got 4 questions right, I was pretty happy with passing!!

What else?   Check up on Thurs, will FINALLY get my last PCR results.  My PCT have paid for the egg storage for another year, and I've been given the email address of someone who may be able to help me get the money back I had to pay for the injections for my IVF.  Also I went to a TCT thing a couple of weeks ago, and a doctor who was there said that under the Labour Government the Hammersmith Hospital got legislation passed so that EVERYONE going through cancer treatment should get free IVF.  Oh good, because that's only my fucking hospital!  The doctor did then say that it might only be if you have embryos frozen, so she is double checking for me.  Even so, I was told outright from the word go that I have to pay for it regardless of the option I chose.  Had I known that embryo freezing was free, I might have gone down that route.  I'm SO glad that all the options were given to me properly........

Umm, so what else?  I seem to be getting involved with the caps locks today!  I also spoke recently at a music event for TCT, it was an evening to say thank you to everyone for all their support/doing gigs for free and Roger Daltrey remembered me!  I couldn't believe it.  I also met Noel Gallagher and Kelly Jones which was fun.  And on a hilarious note, some woman (who was completely battered) misunderstood what I was saying when I spoke about how I was homeless when it came to TCT as I haven't been treated on one of their wards etc, and she actually thought I was homeless.....good!  Although for a homeless person, I think I looked and smelt pretty good!

The thing I have to confess, not that it's bad, it's just that I'm SO fucking EMBARRASSED about it that I feel like it's a bad thing when it isn't and have gone into ramble mode, la la la, and also because I'm so embarrassed I seem to be telling EVERYONE so I thought, fuck it, might as well broadcast it on the internet, what have I got to lose?!?!  So, I have bitten the bullet, taken the plunge, being pro-active, taking my future in my hands and have joined guardian soulmates.  Basically it's cause I'm bored of being single and only attracting men in relationships and emotional fuckwits.  So if anyone reading this has/does secretly fancy me and lives in London, let me know!!!  You never know, I could secretly fancy you too!!  Oh, and only men should apply.....
I went on my first 'date' this lunch time, which was fine.  Got on well, but there wasn't a spark and he lied about his height.  If you are 5ft 8 fucking well say so, and not 5ft 11!
So there we have it.  And on that note, I'm going to run away now and hide my head in not shame, but, well you know, shame!

Lots of love, nervous giggling and a bright red face...


  1. Helloo,

    Got a link to your blog from a friend-- saw you didn't have anyone following you so I did!... hope you don't mind!

  2. Hey,

    Have just seen your comment! I don't mind at all - thank you!! Do you read it too?? Who is your friend?