Thursday, 6 October 2011

Macmillan and TCT

Well my little bloglets,

I've been quite busy the last couple of weeks with TCT  (no surprises there) and Macmillan.  I was asked by Macmillan if I would go to the launch of the Worlds Largest Coffee Morning at the M&S at the Westfield in West London, rather than the new one in East London and to tell Alesha Dixon (their celeb for it) how Macmillan had helped me when they paid for the storage of my eggs when I didn't have the money for it.

There was a guy there who had been filmed as well for the Thank You film thing I did for them, so was nice to see him again.  It was different to a TCT event because the Alesha Dixon, (who was very lovely) only spoke to us for about 10 seconds before going off for photos etc.  With TCT the celebs always spend much longer talking to the cancer kids, so was a bit surprised by that.  She did however make time for a couple of pics with us, so have put one below.  I also spent more time talking about TCT than Macmillan.....woops....

So back to TCT, I spoke at Soc Gen, hang on, this seems a bit familiar, let me just go and check that I haven't already mentioned this....well I've had a quick look and can't find my last post with words in it rather than photos, so sorry if I'm repeating myself.

Societe Generale staff did a night walk of 20 miles through London (which I would have done too was I not going out the following night and therefore needed to sleep) and raised shite loads of money.  So thank you to them!  They were also an amazing crowd to speak to as they found most of what I said HILARIOUS!!  Because I am hilarious, but often people are too scared to laugh, but not this lot.  So I am very grateful to them, and left on an absolute high.  The office also has an amazing view of the Tower of London and I was taken up to the 8th (I think) floor to see the view from there and you could see so much.  Shard, Razor, London Eye etc!  So if any of you ever go to their office, see if you can go up to the 8th floor to look at the view when it's dark.  I think I did that a couple of weeks ago.

This week I spoke in front of about 800 people at the Hammersmith  Apollo, so it was very cool to be able to stand on that stage and talk.  They are a new corporate sponsor partner thing for TCT.  I didn't get any laughs from them though.... I spoke in the morning and went back in the evening to do a bit of bucketing/selling raffle tickets and came up with a GENIUS way to sell them.

me-hello, would you like to buy a raffle ticket?
me-did you enjoy my talk this morning?
-oh!  It was you on the stage?
-oh right, yes of course I'll buy some
me - walk away saying mwah ha ha ha ha under my breath!

So uni is going well, but I'll tell you this now, it's fucking full on hit the ground sprinting no breaking us in easily.  Because of this I've been stressed and not sleeping properly so have been really exhausted.  Couple that with my day being 10-5.30 no lunch break on a Tues and 9-6 on and Wed with an hour for lunch = exhausted me and nearly breaking down in tears in my last lecture yesterday.  So I was allowed to leave early, had nearly 12 hours sleep last night and feel very sprightly today!  Having said that, am now feeling a bit tired, so am going to think about ending this and going to bed.

Oh, so my running for TCT in the London Marathon 2012 had a spanner put in the works as the person who said I had a place has left and did not pass that vital bit of info on. I do however, think I have managed to secure myself a place so that's all good.  Don't really want to start ranting about TCT....

So on that note, I think it's off to bed time for me.

Lots of love, laughter and smiles,

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