Sunday, 29 January 2012

Speaking for Macmillan

Well my lovely bloglets,

Just thought I'd do a little update as I was asked to speak for Macmillan on Friday at RBS.  It was the final round of a quiz for all the London Branches and it was a hilarious evening, due to 2 employees who were very funny with very quick banter going on between them.

Was a bit weird not talking about TCT, but unfortunately I think the day has arrived that I'm too old for them as I haven't been asked to do anything since September.  Waaah, wail, moan, sob etc etc etc  Whilst this does make me sad, because due to my experience with my Edinburgh consultant, and being into Alternative Therapies, I think what TCT does is truly amazing and leading the way, I (sort of) understand why they no longer use me.....  Anyways, this is not meant to be a rant or lament about why I'm not longer TCT's most favourite and famous cancer kid.

I also tend to forget that Macmillan were amazing and paid for my egg storage when I couldn't afford it, and it could have potentially been a complete nightmare if they hadn't written me a cheque, if the hospital decided than non payment=defrosting!  I also suppose that I was also so vocally on the TCT bandwagon as very few have heard of them, or know about what they are doing, whilst everyone has heard of Macmillan, and has an idea of what they do.  But is doesn't stop Macmillan from needing to raise money etc So I really enjoyed speaking for them, and just approached my story from a slightly different angle.  I was also given a bunch of flowers, which was slightly embarrassing, but it was very nice to be given them regardless!

So, I think that's about it for me.  Ran 13.5 miles yesterday, had to do some walking because of a bad stitch that I didn't seem to be able to shift.  If anyone knows of a good way to stop them, PLEASE let me know!  I also have destroyed my feet slightly by doing it in new trainers, and have 2 epic blisters.  Quite tempted to take a pic and put it on here.....think I might save that til I've run the marathon.  Mmmmm, skanky running feet!!!

Oh, and on that note, I'm going to be starting to mention my sponsorship link every 5 minutes, so if you can, please, please donate as I have to get a minimum of £2,000!  And send it to all your buddies, relations etc.  I've even not sworn in this blog, so you can let them read this too!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love, smiles and laughter as usual,

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