Friday, 18 December 2015

The End of 2015

Well my lovely Bloglets,

I have been meaning to write for so long.  Each day I think, I will do it today, and then before I know it, I’m in bed and the day has gone.

So today, I AM doing it.  I couldn’t remember when I last wrote, so I went and checked my blog and saw that it was a few months ago.

I have so much to say but don’t want this to be stupidly long so I’ll cut it down.

1, Chemo – had to up the dose from 20mg a day which was really manageable in terms of energy levels but my leukaemic rate went up.  Of course.  Stupid fucking body.  So now on 40mg which does a very good job of annihilating me.  So.  Good.


      3 .My friends and family are fucking incredible, so a massive thank you to them for all the love and support I have had, yet again, given so graciously without asking anything from me in return over the last year.

       4. I went to see my little Blonde in New York, it was a wonderful week and feels like forever ago.

       5. Business is going well!  Fingers crossed and watch this space for a really good 2016.

       6. Marathon training is on track.  Hauled myself out of bed (fatigue is shit at the moment) and managed 9.07miles in an hour and a half, so pretty fucking chuffed with that. ( Thank you, thank you, thank you).

       7. I’m not being quite so mental about my weight, which is nice. I stupidly have a check up on the  7th January, so will be going for lots of runs over Christmas.

       8. Generally speaking, all in all, I am happy and have been since I moved back to London which is a  bit of a weird feeling as I was, in reality, so miserable for so long.  But I’m also so aware of it and so  grateful that I have come out the other side.  Even with my body fucking about and not playing ball.

       9. So I think all I have left to say is.
      10. Thank you for being there for me this year since all the shit happened and I had to leave Brixton.  I  hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

With love, and so much hope,


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