Saturday, 27 January 2007

First week

Well as you are aware I have Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML), that was discovered last Friday. The lead up to this was feeling so so tired, light headed, no concentration and nearly feinting twice, and I just don't do that, so thought I would toddle off to the doctors to see what was wrong. There was guessing from low blood sugar levels to anemia. The docor had no idea what was wrong, so handed me over to the nurse who took ALL my blood! That night I got a phone call from the General Western Hospital who said that they had found something odd in my blood, and that a haemotologist would be ringing me. He did and said that I had a white blood cell count 20 times higher than it should be, and I asked what that could mean and I was told Leukaemia. So off I toddled to the hospital. I spent a week there whilst they took ALL my blood for testing etc etc etc. Whilst there I had a rather impressive fever and rash which they wanted to calm before starting me on a wonder drug call Imatinib and/or Glivec, (Gleevec in the States) which is designed to get rid of only the nasty white blood cells and to stop my bone marrow from producing any more of the little buggers. This means that none of my other blood cells or any other part of my body can be harmed by the drug, which is fantastic!!

This is obvioulsy a condensed tale of what happened, I could list all the hospital meals I had, what the consultants said every day and who came to see me, but that would go on forever , and to be honest I can't be arsed!! So at this point, before I go to think about what to say for my being back in the flat post, I would like to thank everyone who came to see me, and for all the cards, emails and positivity from you all. Everyone has been so fantastic and there will never be words enough to thank you all. Keep it going, as by being positive you keep me positive which keeps you positive and a good circle of positivity happens! Also remember that I am going to be fine, and go into remission so there is no need for sadness or anything like that! I have begun to ramble, so shall bugger off! Feel free to comment and correct my spelling mistakes!
Loadsa Love and big smiles to you all!!!


  1. God Bless You! Praying for a full recovery for you!!

  2. Thank you, I'm now nearly 7 years on. Getting there step by step!