Monday, 29 January 2007

an amusing fact!

Just remembered something about CML that made me laugh when I first read it...
CML is most common between MEN aged 40-60, so I'm glad I fitted into the catagory correctly!!!


  1. what is a HTML tag??
    Well, Kitkat, you little blogger, it is just toooo tempting to NOT do the KevSpellChecker thing that Im going to do just that (ie. not, even tho' there are plenty!).
    On a different note, you are simply the best example to us all by being the the happiest smiliest person around.
    You are fab and we all love you.

  2. Kat you're a legend! Check the use of HTML tag's ;) I am a computer geek after all...

  3. is it bad if i dont understand anything above about computers that was said?
    on a bright note on 07 its australias 50 years of tv year. go us?

    your a champ kat.