Friday, 2 February 2007

been home for a week

Well I have now been out of the hospital for a has been really nice to get home after the initial shock of being told I could go. What they don't realise in hospital is that you get very used to being there very quickly, and actually I wasn't too keen to leave my en-suit, my tv and dvd player, my fridge and all the lovely nurses that came to see me the second I pressed a red button! I also in a highly rational way thought that they didn't love me anymore and that they thought I wasn't ill, which hurt, A LOT!! But after being home for 5 mins I realised how nice it was to be out, to breath fresh air and to have tea in a decent sized mug! It also meant that my darling Daddio would head back south, which I didn't want, but would be replaced with my little Mummy which I was looking forward to as I hadn't seen her in a week. So what's been going on this week? Not much, everyone is still be as great as ever, coming to see me, making tea for me, bringing me presents...not that I'm keeping a record or anything!! (yes Milo, you are still winning by miles!!) I've been feeling much the same as I was in hospital. Not spending as much time is La La Land, and I've been able to read as well which means my concentration is coming back which is coolio. My temperature has stayed normal the entire time which is also great, cause they would probably haul me back in if it went up again. I've been on Glivec for a week and so far no bad side affects which is fab, as it means that crossed fingers, I won't have any.

I had my first check up yesterday and my white bllod cell count has gone up a bit, so I'm back on a drug with a name that goes on forever, one I can't pronnounce, and certainly can't spell, so for all of you who want to check everything online, sorry!! The drug kills off all white blood cells so will get the count back down again. I'm only on 2 pills a day instead of the 6 a day that I was on in the hospital, so it can't be too bad, or I wouldn't have been allowed back home.

A nurse/social worker type person has been to see me and is going to get as much money possible out of the government for me, so that's groovy. I also might be getting a disabled persons badge for my car which is highly amusing, and more money from cancer charities to help pay my phone bill etc I also get a disabled person (or something) allowence every month, so all in all this being ill malarky is proving to be really quite good!!

Off to the pub for a diet coke, as I had 3 sips of wine the other night and nearly fell off my chair! yes, she has become a one drink wonder, so she is going (not sure why I'm referring to myself in the third person, worrying, very worrying!!!!) to start drinking champagne!! Woo!!

So anyways, that's it for the mo, will type away again when there is more to say, ooh I nearly forgot, along with CML being most common amongst men aged 40-60, only about 500 people get it a year, so I am truely a very special person!!

Once again, thank you to you all for being so amazingly fab!

Loadsa Love and smiles, XXX

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  1. When you get the sticker , please may I borrow you car (on a long term basis)?