Thursday, 15 February 2007

And the white blood cell count keeps on lowering!

Well what to say? hmmm....have just had my lunch so no doubt post eating sleepyness will kick in and what I say will be all over the place!! Also had a hobnob, baaaad idea cause once you nibble you're nobbled, and I'm nobbled, bugger, must resist temptation of eating more. On a plus point, at the moment I seem to be eating an impressive amount of cake and buscuits and not putting on any weight, woo!! No doubt shall get my comeuppance at somepoint and balloon over night like I did with the water retention...those were a couple of stunning thinks NOT!! Anyway...

Right, ok, what's happened since I was last typing, hmmm......memory has gone blank, so much so I'm giggling cause I can't remember last week! Oh god, I'm waiting for the men in white coats to appear!

Ooh, I remember (phew!) Mummy came back up and arrived last Fri morning, got an overnight coach, the loon! So Prison Break series one resumed, and what a rollar coaster of emotions that was!! It's amazing, not as good as 24, I'm still loyal to Jack, but Prison break is pretty good as well. (I kept on expecting Jack to turn up and save the day...special, I know I am veeeery special!) So series one complete, the arse is that I'm not sure where series 2 is on tv etc etc, so might have to wait for it to be released on dvd...oh and also, even if you don't like the series, it's nice just staring at wentworth miller!! (born near oxford, grew up in the states, no I'm not stalking or obsessing I SWEAR!) Moving on swiftly. So mummy was here, and we had a great time, saw my DOS (Director of Studies) who was great and has organised a parking space for me behind my building at uni, everyone is soooooo jealous!! he he he, mwah ha haha, yes I'm being very nice about it all! He also agrees that I can do my work whenever which is coolio. I aim to have my two course essays done by the end of term, and then do my project that I've meant to be doing all year, la la la la, over the summer.

Just been on the phone to my friend in Italy so I have completely lost my thread, but don't panic Mr. Mannering, I shall type some more rubbish and hope that I remember what I was going to say...

Ahh yes, the weekend with my on Sunday evening just before she was due to go, my friend turned up from Newcastle to stay for a couple of days which was great as he ran around after me and made me cups of tea and helped make food etc etc He even combatted 'man flu' to do it (he sneezed a couple of times!!...ok, maybe he has a cold but anyways') We also had a play fight in Rapidos (most amazing take away in Edinburgh, and yes, pizza is highly nutritious, protien in the cheese and salami, vitamins etc in the sun driend tomatoes, red onion and artichokes, and carbs in the base!!) when he declared that he was far iller that me with man flu and needs a hip replacement (he hurt it, don't know how, probably by being a pratt!) and I retaliated with I'm worse, I have cancer and might need new bone marrow!!! Shop goes silent, lots of 'oh my god' looks, I laugh, and slope off to a chair and sit veeery quietly! Maybe I shouldn't make jokes about cancer loudly in public places?!?!? Anyways it made me laugh, and as far as I'm concerned, laughter is bloody good medicine, so shall continue to make really bad un pc jokes about it wherever I am! So having Pete up was great, got lots of nice hugs, especially after mummy left with the what appears to be customary blubbing!

monday consited of tea, buscuits, cake, oh and some fruit and veg and dvd's all day!! Was wonderful! Tuesday was pretty busy, I walked half way down princes street (the main shopping street) and managed to spend not a penny! Well done me!! Even when going past lots of clothes shops with so many pretty bags and shoes. there was many a sigh and whistful glance, and 'ooh Pete...they're pretty' hint hint, nudge nudge, but unfortunately all hints flew over his head as he was out to buy a present for valentines day for his girlfriend (vomit....sodding couples, and no, I'm not at all bitter!) but I did get a HUGE hot chocolate, so was a happy bunny after all. I did some gameboy perusing as I'm going to get one and it's going to be a COLOUR one, am soooooooooo excited. yes I am 22 you're point being?!?!?!? so that tired me out successfully. Yesterday I got up, only because I forgot it was Valentines day, I was going to stay in bed all day! And had a lovely supper with some friends with a HUGE chocolate cake which was amazing!

Today, being Thursday was an important day as I had my check up. I am now only on Glivec and my white blood cell count is 34. I found out what it should be...10 so slowly but surely I'm getting rid of the little buggers. When I was admitted into the hospital, 4 weeks ago, the cell count was over 330, so I'm now a million times better now than I was. More cell count news next week!

Generally I've been feeling great and happy, the only arse is achey limbs and sore joints, but that's when my little buddy codine comes in. Oh by the way, whoever invented the codine bottle is a pratt. Neither me, mummy or Iona (my darling flate mate) could open it, so thank god I didn't need them til after Pete opened the bottle. What if I had been all on my own with NO ONE to help?!?! How do little old ladies get to their drugs????? Just thought I'd rant a bit on that one!

Well I think that's it...I can hear the hobnobs calling me....shhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

So me thinks I shall bugger off now! Thank you to those of you who have sent cards over the last week, on that note, have I thanked the rest of you?? Well of not, sorry, I'm shit, and am still a goldfish! But I hope you know that even if I haven't said it via this or an email, I am grateful for the cards and support etc etc etc

So until next week, much loves, smiles and laughter,

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