Friday, 23 February 2007

and she's back at uni!!

Dear all, sorry there was no post yesterday, but as I have put two random posts up this week, I didn't think you'd mind too much!!

Ok, so what has happened in this last week, hmmmmmmmmm

I had my cousin (Tave) up to see me over the weekend which was really nice, and Milo and Lottie (his ex) came up on the Sunday. I cooked, well me and Tave cooked, what I have to say was rather a yummy lunch! Roast chicken with mashed potatoes, carrots, and yummy yummy creamy tarragon sauce!! It was soooooooo good!! I also got from Milo my little bag of goodies! Series 5 of 24, so I have 2 series to watch with Mummy when I go home for easter. 36 hours of Jack Bauer(I think that's how it's spelt), I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! Along with some other dvd's, and some yum fruit from Lottie. For those of you who haven't looked at this since last week, look below for a rant on the price of food!! This rant occured after a very exciting trip to Tesco. Yes it was exciting as I hadn't been to a supermarket since the christmas hols, and yes my life is that un eventful at the moment and yes I am sad enough to find it exciting!!

Anyways, so after my hospital check up last week did nadda, Tave arrived on the Fri mid pancake cooking....I really felt like some! And on we did nothing other than watch dvd's...series one of the office, very very funny!!! Saturday was filled with Tesco, and watching series one of Extra's, highy highly amusing!! And went to see Music and Lyrics, also very funny. I don't know if any of you have had the cold slush puppy type drink that Fanta does at the cinema?? Anyways, it's amazing cause not only is it cold and sweet, but fizzy too!! Crazyness, anyways, I wanted one of those rather than eat anything as it seems, no matter how poor I'm feeling, I HAVE to buy something at the cimena! Yes, I know it's completely rediculus, but there we I asked for one, but the machine had only just been turned on, and wasn't cold enough, so I had to buy some galaxy minstrels...£3.1o it cost!!! I'm not even going to start ranting about that!! I should have taken a bag of hula hoops from home, but as I wasn't going to eat anything I didn't bother, and then I HAD to buy something, and oh god!! I tell you what, my life is sooooooooooooooo strenuous at the moment! All you with jobs etc have no idea, you think your life is sometimes a bit stressful, try being me and being forced into buying non needed stuff at the cinema, not by someone else, but being forced into it by myself!! It's tough!! So anyways, film watched, enjoyed, home, bed.

Sunday, spent the morning doing the food, mucking around on the internet, eventually having a shower, and waiting for Milo and Lottie. Ate far too much, felt sick, (tave left for her train) made milky tea, forced some buscuits down my gob whilst watching a film, Confetti, with Milo and Lottie(very funny, fely very single after it, sob, won't start my rant on that!!) and felt less sick. Don't know how that one works, but there we are! After that M and L left, had supper and went to bed.

On monday went to the disability office for a needs assessment test, basicaly, yes I do need a new laptop, scanner/printer combo, digital voice recorder, book allowance, photocoping allowence, someone to get stuff from the library for me, and photocopy stuff for me as I have no energy and need to work form the flat/home/maybe hospital if I spend more time there etc etc which is all rather groovy!! And then I .....wait for, no but maybe I should, hmmm shall ponder on that one....a....LECTURE!!!!! Yes I did, I am officially back at uni, WOO!!!!! The uni have lent me a digital recorder til I get mine, and I recorded the lecture so I don't exhaust myself listening and writing notes!!! It was sooooo good to be back!!! I have also been to 2 tutorials since, which do really tire me out, but I need to go otherwise I'll go crazy, miss more work, stress myself out etc etc etc And I enjoy it, well not the getting tired bit, but the learning bit. I can also drive in now and park behind my building which is sooooooo much better than waiting for the bus getting on the bus, getting off the bus, walking down the street, and then doing all of that on the way back. It's also cheaper!! As the bus is one squid each way, and that all adds up pretty quickly!

Tuesday went to a tutorial, and I can't remember what else, can't really remember what I did on Wed either, hmmm....not a lot probably!!

Thursday dawned far to early, had to be up at 8.30 as I was getting the bus to my apointement as for once the 2 quid on the bus is cheaper than a taxi (12 quid total) 0r a parking ticket cause there is no where to park ,which I discovered in previous weeks!! So left home at 9.30 in the rain to walk to the bus stop, not only did I get up early to go, it was raining AND my umbrella was broken, so I looked stupid with it! I look stupid with is anyways cause I bought it from a tourist shop (was near it when the heavens open in the first year, only option and it cost 6 quid!!) and was therefore bright red tarten! Now I can hear some of you saying that you like red tarten, I'm sure it is nice, but not on an umbrella in Edinburgh!! So I suppose I'm quite happy it's broken cause I shall get a new one! (thanks Daddy!!!) And I looked stupid cause one of the arms had snapped so one side hung down...anyways... so I got to the bus stop! And met my friend Martha there. We had a great time waiting for my appointment, hang on, that was another palava....the stupid receptionist had not listened to me properly, cause she was on the phone whilst booking my appointment, and booked me in not for yesterday even though I had said for NEXT WEEK after my last appointment, but for in 2 weeks time, so I got in trouble!!! Which I thought was unfair as I don't have a functioning brain at the moment, and didn't know that yesterdays date was the 22nd not the 27th (which was what was written down) so after lots of sighing and humphing and screwed up facial expressions, they managed to fit me in. So I had to wait AAAAAAAAAAAGES, but on the plus side me and Martha took full advantatge of the toys they have! Well, of the paper and crayons anyways. Yes we were acting 22 years of age, not 5, I promise!! So after playing games I finally saw Dr. Shepherd.

My white cell count is now down to 16.5 which is half of last weeks count, which is great!! It also means that my check ups are further apart, my next one is in two weeks, and yes, I did double check that!! I also saw my clic sargent yesterday who is a social worker and she is sorting out money for me, and a disabled parking badge, and is going to see what other grants and allowences I'm able to get. She is very aware that students need every penny, and she said she doesn't want me to miss out on even 5p, which is wonderful!!

Yesterday afternoon we had shrove thursday (as Iona, my flatty was busy on Tuesday) which was really nice, but unfortunately I was dead on my feet from my busy morning and seeing Patricia (social worker person) so when everyone arrived, I was useless and did sod all to help. I did wash up later, so I suppose that's something!!
As I was up at 8 this morning, (I went to a tutorial that starts at 9), and as I was so tired last night, I was in bed by 8.45, and asleep by just after 9, so check out the party girl!!

I think that's about it really, I hope my next post will be written on my lovely new laptop, can't wait!!!

Lots of love, laughter and smiles,

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