Friday, 2 March 2007

not very long, more tomorrow

Dear all,

Well I'm afraid there are no medical updates this week as I haven't had a check up which is good as it shows that everything is getting much better and I don't have to be monitered so closely.

Not much to report at this moment in time, will probably post again tomorrow as I'm tired and really can't be arsed! Been feeling the side affects quite badly in the last few days.....where's the morphine I sobbed into my pillow!! Well not quite, but wasn't far from it! Also my beautifully worked out plan about exams and what the uni would let me do has not turned out how I wanted it to, so get the feeling a rant is coming on, and I don't want to depress my beloved readers so shall shit up.

There is good news this week, I am typing away on a BEAUTIFUL new laptop! Woo, thank you West Berkshire council. I also got a filofax, thank you cancer charity type people and what else, ooh yes, got clothing and the like from rents this week, so not all is bad! There was something else, but I can't remember!! ....have remembered, I managed to get all my music off my ipod onto my new laptop, for those of you who understand how hard that is, feel free to think how wonderous and clever I am...if anyone else wants to do this, let me know and I'll tell you how I did it!!

I'm going to bugger off, but I promise a more light hearted happy and funny (well I normally find what I write funny) tomorrow.

Lots of love, smiles and laughter.

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