Thursday, 8 March 2007

Last check up before coming home for Easter

Well hello, yes I'm back, sorry to have been neglecting you all this last week or so, I am crap, I have no excuse, and yeah.

Soooooo had a check up this morning, white blood cell count down to 15.7, woo, ,gone down a whole .3 in two weeks!!! I know, not quite the big drop compared to previous weeks, but I guess it's cause there are far fewer bad cells, so the drop will be far less impressive. I asked today what my actual count when I went in and it was 399!!! Have I mentioned that I was only a couple of days away from being a 999 call?? If yes, sorry for repeating myself, if not, well I shall tell you now. I have been told that if I hadn't gone to the doctors when I was forced to by my flatty, I would, well have collapsed and not been able to move, but I would have been rushed in to hospital in an abulance, with the siren going and everything!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO upset that I missed out on that!!! How much more dramatic would my story be?!?!?!?!?! AND I would have been put on oxygen, grrrr, the things I miss out on!!! Apparently I also should have had a plastic bracelet thing with my name and age on when I was in the hosptial, and didn't get one, sob, but it's all good cause my student nurse buddy is going to steal me one, he he it's not really theft from the government as it's NHS property, cause I didn't get one when I should have done!!!

Anyways moving on swifty!!!

So um yeah, what else. No one came up last weekend to see me, sob, wail, moan, but to be honest had a nice time with all my buddies up here, so wasn't really affected by it! had mi pa up the weekend before and had a luurverly time, also the clothes present fairy came with him which was great! Did not a lot with him, had a nice luch party on the sun with 9 of us and everyone was very impressed with the Kevlas cooking!!! what else? ummm, la la la, got given a filofax, I think that might have been previously mentioned, but I'm still elated with that, along with beautiful little lovely wonferful new laptop!!!

Oh yes, have decided that I'm going to cut my hair, for those of you who haven't seen me in a long time, will be like, oh, that's nice, cheers for sharing (what a bloody dull think to mention)! I am mentioning it cause my hair is sooooooooooooooooooooooo long, way past the botton of my shoulder blades, and I'm going to get it chopped to in between the bottom of my ear and jaw, so it is actually quite a big thing! The reason for deciding this is is because it does fall out quite a lot, and it's really thin (compared to how it used to be, only I notice this...) so thought if I lop it all off it might grow back wavy/curly (fingers crossed) and can grow back (fingers crossed) nice and thick like it used to be!

There was something else that I was about to say, but as usual it has gone!

Mummy and Claudia are up this weekend which will be really nice and then I'm home next fri or sat. I think my body is telling me that I'm doing too much. The pain is not great and constant, so I will go home, lie on the sofa with my cat and so sweet F A !! If any of you have arthritus and you have shooting pain in the joints, i sympathise with you like you wouldn't believe!! It SUCKS!!

So yeah, I think that's all, oh I've put on weight which has really pissed me off, it's all of about 2 kilos, 4.4 pounds, which I know isn't a lot, and it probably a good thing, but I would much rather that I hadn't, so I think the days of eating cake all day, have sadly gone!

Shall blog again this week if I think of anything else, ooh, wont be having another check up for about a month, and will be seen by a specialist at the Hammersmith hospital as I'm obviously not just going to pop up to the Burg to have a check up when I'm 400 miles away!

Lots of love, smiles and laughter,

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