Wednesday, 28 March 2007

home sweet home

Dear all,

I know I have been neglecting you, and I knows its annoying when you want to know how I am, but I’ve been having a bit of a rough time with side affects recently, and the thought of doing anything has just been unbearable. The good news though is that I have been taken off the Glivec for a week, so I am nearly pain free, woo!!! I have no new cell counts as I haven’t had a check up recently. I am now home, and have been for a week which is truly wonderful as I am with the rentals, and the cats! I tell you what, if you ever feel a bit off, and you have a cat, cuddle it, if you don’t have one, go to a friends who does and cuddle theirs…it does wonders!

Hmmm, news, news, news, think, think, think. Well ummm,……had 2 friends come over yesterday which was great as I haven’t really seen anyone since coming home, so it was nice to have a chat and catch up with the gossip…me! gossip! NEVER!!! (ok, well maybe a little bit, but I’m very good at keeping my mouth shut, so fret not!!)

What else, I don’t know, I was really in the typing mood a minute ago, but it has flown off.

I having my next check up in a week or so I do believe at the Hammersmith Hospital, so shall either get all my hair chopped then, or maybe before hand. Claudia was trying to convince me to get it cut REALLY short and choppy, but I’m no way brave enough to do that, so will go for a straightforward bob I think, but with some shaping round the face. Am going to talk to the hairdresser about it. On a hair note, it is getting a bit thicker again which is great, because for a little but I was really rather worried about the hair situation, not only with the amounts falling out (that still happens, but I’m not as worried as I’m obviously not going to lose it) and at how thin it was, but thankfully, that is slowly changing!

I’m trying to think if there is anything else of interest to say, don’t want to bang on about how little I’ve been doing as it’s dull!

Nope, nothing is happening. Well at least I have written something and that you know that generally everything is ok!

Ooh, I know, the weekend before I came home, Mummy and Claudia came up to see me and we went to the Pixar exhibition. I know that it was in London, so probably won’t go back, but if any of you are somewhere and it’s on, go and see it, it’s amazing!! Even if you are not a huge fan of things like Finding Nemo, and Toy Story, it’s still am amazing thing to go to!

Well that’s it for today me thinks, unless I remember something mind blowingly fantastic to say (the goldfish continues to act as my memory) , I doubt it, but you never know!!

Lots of love, smiles and laughter,

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