Sunday, 18 February 2007

a rant...but indulge me please!

I know you are thinking, another post?!?! But it's not Thursday!!!! Well for those of you who can't comprehend this, pretend it's Thursday!!

Ok, so yesterday, Saturday, me and my cousin (Tave) went to Tesco...the first time I've been in a supermarket since the Christmas holiday, so as you can imagine I was pretty excited!!! So I thought, ok buy fruit as you get a box of organic veg a week. I also got a chicken and a couple of other things. As I loaded up my trolley, one of the little ones, not a big one, so I did show some restraint....I thought, well it's pointless eating crap food, get food with nutrience in so went for the organic option. There is a reason why only people with lots of money eat organic. It costs a fucking fortune!!! NINETY NINE pounds my bill came to....ninety nine pounds for some fruit and a couple of other things!! MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder there are so many mal nulriched (or however it's spelt) fattys in this country. It's cause with the amount I spent on fruit, you could go to iceland or farmfoods and buy enough frozed food to feed a family of 5 for three months!!!!! I'm still in shock!!! So to feel better went to the cinema, and for once though how cheap it is!

So anyway my lovelies off I go to check on the organic chicken (10 pounds!!!!that is the cost, not the weight, although thinking about it, it's not far off ten pounds in weight!) and enjoy every mouthful!! If this is the last blog it's cause I can't afford to pay for electricity!!! Donations welcome!
Much love and laughter and smiles as usual!!

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