Thursday, 8 February 2007

and another week has flown by

Well it's my second week (is it?? my memory is shot, I am a goldfish at the moment) out of the hospital and it feels like I was there years ago! It's also half way through the semester which is a little bit scary as we dont' have a summer term and after easter it's exams! Various four letter words come to mind, but I have to remember about who is reading this, so shall control my language, the occasional word like shit might slip out, but I hope it offends not!!

So umm yeah. What's happened this week?? Well last Saturday my little Mummy left, cue tears and highly dramatic 'I CAN'T COPE!!!! DON'T GO!!!!' sob, bawl (attractive puffy red eyes and snotty nose...NICE!!!) But alas, she was firm but kind, 'man up Katherine, man up'! Well not quite those words, but saying that makes it more interesting, and may even envoke a smile ot two from my beloved readers! Oh well, all of you have rubbiish sense of humours! Anyways before I start abusing you all about not finding things that make me giggle (basically anything, and the more awful and unfunny it is, the more I laugh!) anyway I shall continue with my week. So Mummy left, but Claudia was here to look after me, and we had people over from Glasgow on Sat and Sun (thank you Daisy, Jonny and Tashi for coming over....) and a fun filled weekend. Milo came up on the Sunday as well. He has renamed Sunday present Sunday, which to be honest I think is a bloody good name for it!! So I have yet more DVD's and the most amazingly soft tights to add to my collection of presents. And I promise, this is not a hint for you all to rush out and buy me things, I of course won't say no if you do.....Sorry, need to get on with how I am or this will go on for pages, concentrate Katherine, concentrate...So monday dawned familyless and to be honest, I managed fine and have eaten and still consumed copious amounts of tea, so fret not!! My flatty has also been wonderful with looking after me, as have the flat across the road. I have also had a visitor from Italy who was up for a week, and a friend from home up to see me, so although the family have cut the umbilical cord, I am anything but alone!

What else, I'm sorry for the rambling and cutting from one topic to another, but it's how my mind is at the mo! Ooh yes, went to see my tutors, who have been fab, and basically have told me to PANIC NOT!!! Do the work when I can and get it in by 4th year, woo!! So that's amazingly groovy as I have nooooooo work pressure at all. I think if I'm not up to it, I'll be able to sit the exams in August if I can't in May which is also good as it gives me just a little bit more time....

Everything seems to being going well on the drug front. Had a check up today and I think my consultant, Dr. Shepherd is happy with everything. The only arse is that I've started to feel side affects from the Glivec, but only achey (not sure about how that one is spelt! And no, I can't be arsed to look it up in the dictionary!) limbs, so have been given Codine if I need it. Unfortuately when in hospital and in pain due to my spleen being HUGE!! Ok, little diversion and some medical info, normally you can't feel the spleen it's that small, mine is not 1cm big at the mo. After it had reduced in size in the hospital it was 10 cm big, and at the hight of pain it was basically all the way up the left hand side of my torso! When it was huge it hurt a lot, so they gave me codine, and nadda happened, so they gave me liquid morphine!! I LOVED the taste of it, most people don't like it. Due to my liking it a liiitle bit too much they stopped me having it which really upset me, so today I was like oooh maybe I'll get morphine again, but alas no, they wouldn't. sob sob, bloody NHS bastards!!!

If I remember correctly my red blood count is 100 and my white is 124 ish so that's brill as 3 weeks ago the white cell count was 20 times as high, so the drugs do work, so sorry The Verve (90's band for those of you who don't know...) you were WRONG! (My reasoning for saying that is they sang 'cause the drugs don't work they just make you worse....' see where my logic went?!?!? Nevermind!)

Well ummm, I have no idea what else to say, and I think many of you will read that with great relief!! So untill next time (prob next thurs)....ooh just remembered something not that it's very interesting at all. Went with Claudia on Sun to the hospital as she had to have a blood test to see if she's a match to me if I need a transplant and I went back to my unit and saw all my lovely nurses. One gave me a huge hug and when I said I missed them all as I had such a great time on the unit (I DID!!!) I didn't want to go, she called me a peculiar child. I'm not am I?!?!?!?
Much love and gratitude for all the support etc etc blah blah blah
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (and no, I am not certifyably (and YES, that IS a word!!!) insane!)

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  1. I think, no, actually, Im certain, I have to move. You have a much more interesting time there than I do here. Bunk beds?