Tuesday, 8 May 2007

And she's back in the Burg!!!

Weeel, I'm now back in the burg for 3 weeks to have fun and play with my buddies. I also discovered at the weekend that my alcohol tolerance is back up, woo!! Don't ask how much I had to drink cause I can't remember, but I do believe it was the 2 shots of sambuca that finished me off....felt rather ill the next morning, oh and that was also the morning that I had to sit in the car for 6 hours, oh and I also got home at 8.30 AM and hadn't packed....

So umm yes....

Saw the Dean of Under Graduates today and it was all very helpful. Basically I'm going to finish my 3rd year next year, and probably leave after that, even though I will only have a general degree, but I will also have the option to stay and do my final 4th (well 5th) year if I feel like it.....but I dunno, 5 years of uni, that's a long time, and another year of debt....

OOH on the plus side of getting back yesterday and opening my post, I discovered that I had been sent a disabled parking badge, WOO!!!! Free parking for the next 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!! Joy joy joy!!!!

What else, check up next Thurs, so watch this space for health update, I still feel wonderful off the drugs, lets hope this continues when I'm back on drugs!!

I've only hasd 2 cups of tea so far today and my body is complaining, so off I go to boil the kettle, and munch on some pineapple, oh have been doing a lot of raw food, and actually I'm enjoying it!! I'm still drinking tea, so that's ok, and I feel very energised of fruit, salad and lots of nuts, and the occasional chunk of cheese!!!

Right, off I toddle, not much to say, but thought I'd write a word or two, as I can log in to this at uni, woo!!

Lots of love, smiles and laughter!

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