Thursday, 22 November 2007

still got blood like water

Dear all,

Sorry for not posting lat week, I kept on meaning to, and then things got in the way, like afternoon tv. It's the best line up, neighbours, doctors, diagnosis murder (bbc 1) then a bit of Rosemary Shragers cooking school and then Midsomer Murders (channel 3), so you can see how my time is filled up with oh so importnant engagements!!!

I am also very busy being exhausted the whole time at the moment, hence the afternoon tvage. I have a good routine at the mo, get up, go for a swim (don't worry, very gentle pootle up and down the lanes) come home, have lunch and semi sleep all afternoon. I then might drag myself off the sofa and go to a friends to sit on their sofa, then come home and possibly feed people. It's a thrilling life!

Ok, so last week....white cell count was down to 4.9 and platelets 53, so my chemo dosage was reduced from 100mg a day to 70. This week my white count was 5.7 and platelets was 54, so not a huge rise, but I've been told to keep going on 70mg and see how it is next Thurs. I have told Dr. Shepherd about my exhaustion, oh and the fact that my hair is coming out again when I wash it, and the helpful response was, 'well your haemaglobin (if that's how it's spelt) levels are fine.....' GOOD!!! I mentioned that I'm still hardly functioning in the afternoon as she said the same once again, also it might be due to the weather as it's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEZING at the mo!! She also said that hopefully when my body properly adjusts to the new chemo it should get better. Watch this space......

Claudia was up last week which was really great to see her and spend a couple of days just us! She also cooked and did all the washing up for me etc, so it was nice to have a break from that! I also had a bit of a rant/what the hell am I going to do with my life conversation. Any suggestions from anyone?? Do you think I should do the extra year here and leave with a masters (remember it's not the same as a masters from an English uni, it's not of same the level, our's is not so good) or leave with a general degree with all my friends, and explain the circumstances to any prospective employers as to why I left with a general degree.... On that note, does anyone want to employ me when I leave uni???? I think I'm having this stress as all my friends are applying for jobs and I don't know what to do. They are also applying to city law firms and all the banks etc, which this time last year I was definately up for, but don't think it's me any more. I'm thinking more along working in the art world, maybe re search of some sort, but I don't really know!! If someone could plan the next ten years for me, that would be ace!!

The rents are up tomorrow which will be nice, as I'm being taken out to the witchery, which is one of THE lushest restuarants in the Burg. I hear you say, 'why are you going there?' It's cause it'm my birthday on Sun, so all presents are welcome!! Can't believe I'm going to be 23, I remember when Claudia was 23 and I though how big and grown up she was. For a start, yeah right!! (no offense Claudy) and I still feel how I did when I was 16. And it's all ok, cause Claudia is going be 30 in the very near future, HA! So it's all good!!

I think that's about it, can't really think of much else. Wow, this is quite a post compared to my recent ones!

What else, not sure really, yet another check up next thurs. Think I'm going to have to change arms when I have my blood test as the scarring is not very pretty!! It's also begining to hurt when then do the test. Oh, and last week, they forgot to label a thing of blood, again!! So my arm has not been very nice to look at! Sorry (well not really, if I was that sorry, I'd delete what I've typed!!) to tell you all this, especially if you are a bit squimish, but you'll get over it!!

Well I think I shall now bugger off, and go meet my friends who is buying me lunch! Am excited!!

Lots of love laughter and smiles,


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