Thursday, 17 January 2008

London Marathon

Dear all,

(Sorry for repeated information, have put this elsewhere, and have just cut and pasted it.)

When I was diagnosed I have met a wonderful woman called Patricia who is attached to the hospital in Edinburgh, the Western General, and works for a cancer charity called Clic Sargent.

Without her I believe that my coping with the shock of cancer would have been very different. She not only rings me about once a week to see how I am, and to offer to do things for me, for example my supermarket shopping if I'm not up to it, but also arranged a disabled parking badge, and the opportunity to rant and moan at someone who is slightly disconnected, and won't get upset if I'm upset like a family member or friend would. She has offered me the most amazing amount of support, and I am very lucky to have her, as technically I'm a bit old to have her. I think they let me slip through the net as I'm so far away from home at university.

She is also attached to the Maggie's Centre which is a drop in centre for those with cancer, offering support and relaxing therapies to help for example the pain suffered by those undergoing chemo.

Clic Sargent do many things including arranging weekends for young people with cancer to meet and share experiences, as it's some times nice to discuss treatment, fears, and experiences with others who are going through the same or similar types of cancer.
(I'm not saying for a second that you all haven't been truely wonderful with your support!)

Milo (for those of you know don't know me, he's my younger brother) after running the New York Marathon November 2006, has decided that he wants to run the London Marathon (as you do!!) to raise money for charity. He asked me which charity I would like the money to go to, and decided to go for Clic Sargent, rather than an obvious one like Leukaemia Research, as I want to get the word spread about them as much as possible. And to boost their coffers, so they can continue the good work.

Clic Sargent is a small charity that is little known. Please, please, please donate! Even if it's only a couple of pounds. It's a fantastic charity who have made my dealing and fighting with cancer so much easier. They help me stay in the stong upbeat frame of mind to beat the fucker!

Please tell everyone that you know!!!

Thank you for supporting Clic Sargent and me through doing this!

There will another post soon with the link to donate the money to. If you want to scribble a cheque, please post it to:

Poplars Farmhouse,
Stoke By Nayland,
Nr. Colchester,

Lot of love, laughter and smiles,


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