Friday, 25 January 2008

marathon donating link

Dear all,

Firstly the link is now up to donate online. It is:

Justgiving - donate to charity and raise funds online - Milo Ruane london Marathon'08 - for sis!

So please start to donate, even if it's only a couple of quid!

Also have a check up yesterday,

White count 4.4 (seems to have settled there....)
Platelets 128, so that's good, seems to be on the rise!
Leukaemic level has gone up a bit, from 4.44 to 7%, but the consultant thinks that I had the last level test when I was on a higher dosage of the chemo, and is not concerned about the rise, as it's only very slight.

Hope all's well with everyone!

Lots of love, laughter and smiles! (the bigger the donations, the more laughter and more smiles, and no I promise, that's NOT emotional blackmail!!! He he he!)

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