Thursday, 10 April 2008

Results in a couple of weeks

Well I'm afraid I can't give you the results from the bone marrow test from last week as they won't be ready for another couple of weeks due to the lab having new equipment being installed etc etc etc I shall blog it straight away when I know!

Check up today was fine, platelets have gone up which is good! They are at 108, fingers crossed they continue to behave. White count was 3.5 which I think was a bit lower than before, but not low enough to cause any concern. My bcg (don't know what it stands for medically, in laymans terms it is the leukaemic level in my system) for March was 4.5% which is brilliant as it is a couple of percent lower than last time, woop woop!

Dr. Shepherd has continued with keeping me on 70mg a day for the time being. My next check up is in a month, which is also really good as it means she is happier with my progress and that my track mark junkie scar won't carry on developing.

Have also fininshed all my essays for ever. Is rather odd having no more work to do, and a huge relief at the same time. I do miss the library a little bit though...I'm sure I'll get over that very quickly!!

Marathon on Sunday, very excited about watching the little bro run his run and be there waiting at the end for him. Am uber proud of him, and my clic sargent is over the moon about the money we have raised so far. As amI!

Well I think thats about it, shall write again after the marathon so everyone can know what time Milo ran in.

Hope all is well with everyone,

lots of love, laughter and smiles,

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