Monday, 21 July 2008


Dear all faithful bloggers, today is a day we have waited for!

VERY VERY VERY exciting health news!

My Leukaemic rate today was 0.5%. In 2 months it has come down to that from 4%. The hospital were amazed! I am at least 3 months ahead of what they would expect with the drug treatment schedule. (I think quite a bit of it, is to do with the fact that I gave up alcohol at the begining of July....) So that's amazing. The best news is yet to come....Out of 3 different things (I forget what they are called) I'm in remission for 2 of them. I need to have the leukaemic rate at around 0.02% and have only 1 leukaemic cell out of one million white cells for two years and they will take me off the chemo!! WOOP WOOP!!!! They said that only 5% stay in that state of remission without drugs...2 in a hundred. My answer to that was, I'm not meant to have what I have, so why can't I be one of the 2???? The consultant did say fair point to that! Also I know that with all the alternative stuff I'm doing, that I'm going to be one of the 5%. So I'm basically nearlty half way of this interesting little journey in my life, as I was diagnosed 18 months ago, and because I'm at least 3 months ahead of the game!!


More stuff about other stuff another time!

(next check up in 6 weeks)

So much love, laughter and smiles!


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