Thursday, 12 June 2008

Happy day!!

Well my fellow bloglets happy news is to hand, the parentals have FINALLY got the wireless router installed which've got it, I can use my laptop and sign in and blog! Woop!! (Sorry if any of you thought the happy day was cancer my mind, this is far more exciting than anything the hospital could say!)

I have also come to the conclusion that I can't sign in on the retals laptops because they are running Internet explorer from the dark ages, facebook tole me that! Aren't they a clever bunch at facebook. Not only do I get twitchy and rather like a crack head who has had their supply taken away if I can't check facebook at least twice a day, they also tell you when you need to update Internet explorer! I use mozilla which updates itself all the time...this is getting rather dull, shall stop rambling on about Internet explorer an mozilla....

Ok, so what's new. I drove home a couple of weeks ago, actually thinking about it, more like a month ago, where is the time going??? The drive home was very uneventful and traffic free which was nice! And I've, to be honest, been bumming around not doing much! Have been to my cousins wedding which was a brilliant day, and have been up to London quite a few times to do not a lot. I did have the hospital on Monday, so I suppose I should mention that, and my results!

White count, 4.7 (I think, around what it normally is)
Platelets has gone down to 62, which didn't really surprise me as my hair has not been as nice recently and have been feeling more tired. I don't have another check up til the 21st July, so they can't be that concerned! They also don't think that a bone marrow transplant will be necessary, so that was a nice piece of news! I have another bone marrow test booked for September, which will reveal more information about what the next step will be. If I don't have the bone marrow transplant, I may be on the chemo for the rest of my life, which is not ideal, as I don't want to be tired for the rest of my life....

On the whole tired front I have a little tale to tell.

Once upon a time there was a young women who had been in London all day, hospital in the morning, then lunch and walking up and down the Kings Road finding presents with a friend all afternoon. After a nice refreshing smoothie in a very nice bar/restaurant she decided to leave to get the tube to the train station so she didn't miss her train. When arriving at the station ALL trains has been suspended due to a mile long length of cable falling down between London and home. After waiting for about an hour a couple of trains were allowed to go to a station half way home. Off she ran (yes, ran!) to the platform and squeezed herself onto the train. After standing all the way (by now, falling asleep as standing up) to the stop she got off the train to go outside where there were buses to complete the journey. Outside the station along with the by now the utterly exhausted girl were about 2, 000 people and riot police to control everyone getting onto the buses organised to get everyone home. (Some people had been waiting for 2 hours for a bus!) After the first bus left and she was no where near getting to the front, the poor, unable to cope with anything girl rang her mother, who of course couldn't really do much from central London, but told her to go and find someone in charge and explain that she unfortunately has cancer, is very tired and needs to get home. The girl then managed to find someone (who was being yelled at by some very pissed off people, and was therefore shouting back!) and got her chance to speak. She managed to get 'I'm sure there are lots of people here with special circumstances....' before bursting into tears (in front of a 2,000 people! Good work!) and semi wailing, 'I have cancer and just need to get home/sit down!' The happy ending to this little tale of mine is the next bus turned up in about 5 minutes and I got on it! Ad got home just over 4 hours after getting on the tube at Sloane Square! (The train should normally take about 50 minutes from Liverpool Street to Colchester!)

Oh another happy day for the commuter!

Am off to Corfu on Monday for a week, and then it's graduation week, so I have two weeks of fun coming up! Oh 0n the graduation note, I still don't know if I've got a degree, oh the joys! I shall hopefully know more tomorrow! And then the job hunt begins! (Well after my two weeks of fun!) I'm going to temp in Colchester for a bit so I can tell employers that yes, I'm fine 9-5 Mon to Fri, or I'm fine doing 4 days, or 4 and a half days etc etc It will also get some well needed cash into my bank account! On that note, donations are always appreciated....

Well I think that's about it really, can't think of anything else.

Will put a post on when I know about my degree.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Lots of love, laughter and smiles as ever!

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