Sunday, 11 May 2008

Possibly my last post from uni!

Well my faithful blogetts what to say?

This might possibly be my last post from uni, which is a terrifyingly crazy and also exciting! I can't believe how quickly the last 4 years have gone by!

I had a check up last Thursday and had my bone marrow results explained...and I shall pass on what I understood. The consultant only speaks doctor, so no matter how many times she explains stuff, it doesn't make full sense/I don't get everything she says. Bring on the Hammersmith and their ability to speak english!!

So 34/35 Ph-ve means that 34 out of 34 cells were negative for the Philadelphia chromosone which is the reasos for the Leukaemia which is brilliant. On the not so brilliant side of things, Dr. Shepherd is not so happy with the Leukaemic rate, she was hoping it would be more like 1.% something or 0.% something opposed to 4.77% when I had the rate checked in April. I'm going to email her to find out the rate results from Thursday and will post them when I get them. Due to this she thinks that a bone marrow transplant may be the way forward with me. Which I was obviously not thrilled about as I had put that out of my head.....We shall just see what happens!

On a more positive point my platelets were at 114 which is really good as they have climbed a bit, and not dropped and my white count was 4.6 which I think is a bit higher than last time, so that's all coolio!

My little flit over the ocean to New York was AMAZING!! I loved it there!! Could actually see myself living there for a bit! We (Me, Tave (cousin) and Jess (Tave's friend, now mine as well)) were complete tourists. Went on an open bus tour of 'downtown' Manhatten, went on the ferry round Manhatten and past the Statue of Libery, went round Times Square, chilled out in Central Park, went to MoMA and ate, ate, ate, and ate a little bit more! And loved every second of it! I also got to see a family know who you are!!..who is in the best possible way, a loon!!! But I love it and of course her!! We went to the Met together and also did some eating! (I would get VERY fat there! Would have to live in the gym before and after work!) It was a wonderful break, and meant that I didn't get to bored in the Burg with all my friends living in the library due to finals. My lovely little flatty finishes tomorrow, so I get her back to play with, and we are going to have a crazy week before packing up and going home basically for ever! I'll be back for graduation week, and that's it! CRAZY!!!

I'm meant to have a check up here on the 12th June, but will see if I can change it to the Hammersmith, as I don't really want to come up here for it. If worst comes to the worst, I'll fly up and down in the day or something as about 2 people will still be up here then!

I'm trying to think if there's anything else of interest to say, and I don't think there is. I'll blog again during graduation week, other than that, it will be if and when I get access to a computer that likes this site (unlike the ones at home!).

Hope every one is well, and that everyone is enjoying the sun, we had 4 days of BEAUTIFUL sunshine, and it has in true Scotland stylee, fucked off! Hopefully it will be nice when I go home!

Will blog soon,
Lots of love, laughter and smiles,

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