Monday, 26 January 2009

Living in London and 2 years of cancer.

Well my little bloglets,

I have been outstandingly shit recently at writing this. For that I apologise profusely!
So what's been happening...I have moved to London, been here for nearly a month. Am in a lovely mansion flat in Clapham/Battersea (depends how anal you are being), in between the common and lavender hill. Tis very nice! And am living with 3 others. I didn't know them before, but we get on really well, and one of them is seriously into nutrition etc and is really excited about my juicer, sprouting stuff and dehydrator which is great! I wasn't expecting excitement about all my diet stuff, so had made taking over the kitchen much easier.

I am now looking for a job which is exhausting! I have applied for I can't remember how many office admin/receptionist etc jobs as well as being with 8 recruitment agencies....does anyone want to employ me so I can skip the job application and interview process??? I'm serious value for money! I'll accept £8 per hour, or £18,000 per year!!!!!

I have also applied for an assistant role at Macmillan which I'm really hoping to get. The closing date is this Wed, so hope that I will know something by next week. I'll also be hearing in a couple of weeks from Cancer Research and if they liked me enough on paper to put me through to the next round of their grad scheme. I have crossed fingers, toes, eyes etc that they do, especially as it makes functioning on a daily basis rather interesting!!!!

Health wise, I think all is ok. Get rather tired here in London town, but I guess that is to be expected. I just have to be good about not going mental everyday seeing people and staying up late etc My next check up is on the 11th and I'm really really hoping that the bloody leukemic rate will have dropped, hopefully significantly, but I'll be happy with a little one. Just as long as it changes, and changes for the better. If it goes up, I'll be seriously fucked off!

On an exciting note I am going to be in Company magazine in Feb. It will come out around the 15th, so I order everyone to go and buy a copy! It's cause I'm a cancer kid. The journalist has read the article out to me which she has written after about a 2 hur interview...I talk a lot! It was a bit odd because the article has been written as if it was me writing it, but I didn't, so the phrases etc used aren't me, but it's a good article. Just remember that when you read it! Also you obviously know my story as told by me because you have been reading this! And you WILL all read my book when I eventually finish it....I shall start doing more of it during this joyous job hunt!

I don't know what else to say, no doubt have missed out loads of stuff! Oh, last week it was my two year anniversary. I didn't celebrate it in the same style as last year (got very drunk with my friends) as am t total and have been for nearly 8 months!!!!! But because I didn't feel it was quite as momentous as last year. Also couldn't be arsed to traipse into central London!

I think that's it really. Blog again in 2 weeks after my next check up.

Hope everyone is well and remember, if any one has any job offers, let me know immediately!!!

Lots of love, laughter and smiles,

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  1. I think you are wonderful, but I would wouldn't I,
    your adoring Ma!