Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Well all my lovely little bloglets,

I know I have neglected you for many a month, and shall elaborate on this little post very soon, like towards the end of the week type thing.

I now have time to do this as I quit my job, woop!! The main reasons, I'm not fashion and don't really care about it, the commute was too long, the hours rubbish and the pay non existant!

I'm watching the Brits as I do this, and WHAT is Lady Gaga wearing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? She is so weird!!

Anyways, so have a couple of ideas about the future, one is to work for the Teenage Cancer Trust if I get the job I applied for, if not, then I'm going back to uni if I get accepted into a Complimentary Therapy degree which I think would be pretty bloody good!!

Ooh, also, going back quite a few months, I completed the Great North Run in 2 hours 14 mins, was hoping to do it in 2 hours and would have done, but there were so many people getting in the way!! I am going to do the London Marathon 2012 for TCT, but will obviously leave the sposoring for a while yet!

I have a check up in a couple of weeks. All is going ok. Two check ups ago, my platelets were normal for the first time since Aug 2007 when I wasn't on any chemo which was pretty fucking amazing! Last check up, my leukaemic rate had gone up slightly, I think to 0.063% which was a bit upsetting, I hope that in a couple of weeks my platelets are still normal and the leukaemic rate has gone down.

Before this starts to turn into a short story length of blog, I'm going to go.

You shall be pleased to hear that I have made a promise to do this more often.

Lots of love, light and laugher,

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