Thursday, 4 March 2010

Just a quickie

Well I had my check up last week, and unfortunately it was not the news I was after. Platelets down to 100 (previously normal at 144) and Leukaemic rate up a smidge to 0.07%. I know that these are only little backward steps that I'm sure are due to the stress of leaving my job etc etc etc, but it was still a bit crappy.

Am still not working, but have a job, just need to find out about the salary which is exciting, and I have submitted my UCAS application to go back to uni in September - The University of Westminster, am not leaving London! To do a foundation year in Complimentary Therapies and then to do three years becoming a Naturopath, which will be awesome! I can then become self employed, woop woop!!! The ultimate dream and help others and give hope when then think it's all over and can also, fingers crossed, work on the Teenage Cancer Trust wards. I can't remember what I put in my last post, so apologies if I'm repeating myself....I applied for a PA role there which I didn't get, but in a way it's a good thing, because I really want to be working for them/seriously involved, and unfortunately I'm nearly too old to do things for them in the capacity that I do at the moment. Really at 25 I'm over the hill so to speak, but 26 will definitely be pushing the boundaries!! So with my therapies I can still help and be involved and feel better about what I'm doing in regards to helping the cancer kids than being in the office.

What else, hmmm, don't really know, haven't been up to much recently due to a lack of funds, but that is another story which I'm not sure I should publish on line...but hopefully that will all be sorted out very soon! I have a slight lurgy at the moment which I am fending off by watching lots of films and tv programmes....basically what I've been doing for the past few weeks, but as I'm not 100% don't feel like I should be doing something else!!

Oh, I know what I was going to say...HELLO SUNSHINE!!!!! It's so nice to see the sun again! I even sat outside in it a couple of days ago, admittedly wearing quite a few layers, but even so, to feel the warmth of it gave me hope that spring is on the way and winter is finally fucking off!!! And then yesterday is was bloody freezing again!!! I have given up that this country is ever going to be warm again!!

Well I can feel a weather rant coming on, so am going to get back to my busy schedule of watching films. I hope you all have your fingers and toes crossed about my uni application and that I will get in!!

Lots of love, laughter and smiles,

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