Monday, 7 June 2010

Platelets and Roger Daltrey

Well my lovely ones,

The wonderful hot weather we were enjoying seems to have buggered off....according to one of my consultants other patients the weather was meant to be hot hot hot until Sept with the odd bit of rain according to her weather expert husband......hmmmmm.........

So check up last week, platelets up a smidge to 75 and nowt else to report on that front.  All it well, just moving slowly slowly!

On a much more upbeat note, I am once again going to be in the press, woop woop!!  Tomorrow, I believe in the Sun and the Express, it won't just be about me though, I think it will just be about the charter (please see link below), but with pics of me and the other Cancer Kids at the launch.  And of course it's all down to my beloved Teenage Cancer Trust and something I was filmed for.  I'll put the link in so you can all have a look.  It's for a cancer charter for young people and is the first of it's kind. The webiste is:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go and sign it!  Thanks! And if you want to watch the film with me, it's on the home page...and good, the frame it's paused on is me....And here's a pic of us Cancer Kids and Roger Daltrey.....
Until next time, (in approx 6 weeks when I have my next check up....)
Lots of Love, Laughter and Smiles,

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