Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A little post from the rentals

Well my little bloglets,

I am currently sitting outside in the rentals garden doing this as I have the week off...bliss!  Quite a lot has happened in the  past couple of months.  Am quite tempted to do my list again rather than babble on for hours because I am in the middle of doing video blogs for a company associated with Teenage Cancer Trust called JimmyTeens and rather than explaining it, here's the website so go and have a look yourselves!
And I need to carry on with them so I don't end up repeating myself all the time as I feel I potentially do on here!

So here comes the list:

1. back to 8 week check ups woop woop a platelets up to 94 woop woop!
2. Had an email from the Employment Tribunal mediator woman type thing asking me what figure I would like to suggest as my ex employer wants to settle out of court (even though they have a strong case if it goes to court....yeah right!) so am waiting for my solicitor to advise me on what figure to suggest.
3. I think there is a light at the end of the pavalova with Student Finance and trying to get finance for my degree that starts in Sept.  I had a phone call yesterday saying that as I don't have an honours degree then I should get funding and I didn't need to supply medical evidence to support this.  I tell you what, these places are full of monkeys who are literally 'computer says no' types with the very rare person who is able to think for themselves.  Thank god these people realise that I am not trying to abuse the system and am only trying to get what I am entitled to!!
4. My beloved Teenage Cancer Trust are going to kick up a fuss in the media if I don't get my IVF money back as there is no way in hell I should have paid for it.  Fucking cheeky IVF consultant, grrrr....anyways, I'm seeing what my lovely consultant can do by my next check up - I think the 9th Sept - and if she hasn't got anywhere, hello media!  (again!).
5. Went to a really brilliant weekend with TCT in Colchester a couple of weekends ago.  It was a focus group about support post treatment etc and funnily enough a lot of the topics that were raised by both myself and the others are things covered by the course I have done, the Healing Journey, so have told TCT about it, and maybe they will take it on.  I'm hoping to become a facilitator of the Healing Journey...am just waiting to hear if doing the Healing Journey qualifies you, or if you still have to be a trained councillor.
6.  I'm going to be trained in EFT soon (by my Mummy) so that will be brilliant, so can continue to help myself both on my own as a trained person, with Mummy (as I do at the moment) and can help others and make some extra money.  If any one else is interested in finding out more about EFT and potentially training in it, let me know.
7. Have moved out of my flat, as I'm moving in with a uni friend in Sept and was potentially going to be away for August (which fell through, obviously or I'd be doing this somewhere hot and sunny and exotic, not in a Suffolk garden!) so am flat hunting.  I've decided Brixton is the way forward.  Saw an AMAZING flat last weekend, but unfortunately was waaay over budget...nevermind, I'm sure something else even better will pop up.
8. Ummm.............Brain gone blank......
9. I discovered at the recent TCT weekend that I'm amazing at Rock Climbing and I suck beyond belief at Archery!
10.  Right, nice even number so shall bugger off,

Lots of love, laughter and smiles,

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