Sunday, 8 August 2010

Really quickly because I'm meant to be peeling pears...

So bloglets,

Really quickly as I'm meant to be peeling pears for some grand pudding the Kevla is in the midst of making, I want to put a link here for you to have a look at:

It's the first of a series of videos from The Way Forward weekend that I went to a few weeks ago and blogged about.  Obviously it's amazing as I'm in in!!  Also it's brilliant because two new buddies I met through the weekend, Peter Wilkinson and his beautiful little wife, Debs are behind the editing etc of the video.  So a round of applause for them please!

Ok, going a little bit mental now, and I fear I'm about to get a bollocking for not doing the pears....

Much love, laughter and smiles as ever

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