Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Found a flat!

Well my lovely bloglets,

I have found a flat, woop!!  Tis a MASSIVE relief.  It's Victorian so has good sized rooms, isn't too expensive and is in Brixton which is the new place to be...well I think so anyways.  I predict that everyone will move there from Clapham as Clapham is getting waaay tooo expensive!  Oh and also, the flat is right next to the prison which means that it is really safe, cause lets face it, who is going to be have in an illegal manner right next to a prison where there are guards patrolling etc??  No one!!  Well unless they are massively stupid!!

My finding has also come through for my degree..have I mentioned that before?  I can't remember? Anyways, I had stupid amounts of grief and hassle trying to get it all okayed.  They should have done it from the word go as I am entitled to it as my first degree wasn't an Hons (thank fuck) so I will be furthering my education, so am allowed it....but they didn't get that did they?!  As they saw that I had a degree they didn't read what I had put correctly so missed the fact that is isn't an Hons, and then didn't look at my degree certificate that I posted in properly which clearly states had to play the cancer card and send in letters from current and old consulant, from my on LEA to confirm my diagnosis during uni and that it interrupted my studies blah blah blah.  I FINALLY spoke to someone at Student Finance with more than half a brain cell who said, 'you are entitled to everything as you don't have an Hons degree and this should have been approved in March when I applied.  Good..............  So now I don't have to panic and worry about how I'm going to pay for it as our beloved government are...until I have to pay it back.....

I have also recently received an email to say that my old employer wants to settle out of court, even though if it went to court their case would be solid and win....yeah right!!  So that is good news.  I should hopefully hear back soon with their response to the figure I put forward, and of course it will be a 'yes we will pay now; response!!

IVF money front, if my consultant hasn't been able to progress by my next appointment which is in a couple of weeks, I shall get TCT involved.  Once again, I can't remember if I've mentioned this before or not...I could check, but can't be arsed.  Am also on a roll so if I do that I will break my writing flow, which of course would NOT (I'm getting involved with capitol letters today!) be good. So yes, defo shouldn't have paid for IVF, and TCT will back me all the way to the media, so you never know, I could be in the press (again) very shortly.  I might think about getting an agent soon...ha ha ha, jokes!

Ummmm, suddenly my hair looks very glossy and seems to be much healthier than normal, so fingers crossed that I get some fucking good results in a couple of weeks!  It's time I got them, and getting a bit bored of this cancer malarkey,....

I've been doing some films for and they should be on their website soon, so will put the link on here when they are so you can all have a watch.

Ummm, that's it me thinks, move in date to new flat is the 14th Sept at the moment, hopefully it will be moved forward as have been homeless for nearly a month and don't really fancy sofa hopping for another 3 weeks....although on the flip side it does mean more money in the bank that's not going out on rent.....

Right, time to bugger off.  Can't be arsed to re- read this for spelling mistakes and typo's.  Hope it's not too bad and this all makes sense!  Have been speed typing!

Lots of love, laughter and smiles as always,

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