Saturday, 18 September 2010

Mixed Emotions

Well my little bloglets,

It's been a couple of weeks of mixed emotions culminating with a brief episode of sobbing yesterday at Heathrow airport after Milo (little brother for those of you who don't know) flew to Singapore for 3 years with work.  Being only 13 months older than Milo we have spent our lives being nearly twins; went to the same school, spent many a year sharing bedrooms and when we were little, if Milo had a nightmare, I would tell him to chose his dreams from a bookcase in his imagination, so he could decide what he dreamt about.  And even when at uni he was only an hour and half away down the road in Newcastle, and in London just over the river, so yesterday was a bit emotional for me to say the least.  He has been so brilliant to me since my diagnosis - truly the best baby brother, and I would never be able to put it into words, so should probably stop this rather self indulgent dialogue now.  Also I'm beginning to upset myself so will move on....

I am now officially a student again, woop!  ....have also worked out how much I will owe the government when this degree is over, and this 4 years combined with my previous 4 years is rather a terrifying amount, so will try to forget!  Let me just say that if I had the money in one lump sum, it would be a very hefty deposit for a flat in town!  I am very excited about the degree, not so excited about the Maths and Physics part of it....I hadn't thought these two subjects were a part of the teaching I must admit.....And I was surprised to discover that only a handful of us have been to uni before, so at least I am better prepared than most and know what to expect.  I am also happy to discover that many are mid twenties/early thirties, I had assumed that I would be younger by quite a few years, but am not, that's good!  Not that I have anything against older people being at uni or anything....right, move on before I have to go and get a spade to get me out of this hole....

Check up just over a week ago and more good news.  Platelets at 90 and Leukaemic rate down to 0.026% so pretty fucking happy with that.  On a not so positive note the scales are creeping back up, and there is no element of forgiveness with electronic scales so my running regime starts with no excuses on Monday!  Also my PCT (primary care trust) have refused to pay back the £4,000, but as I am going to registering with a new doctors this week in a different borough in London as I am now a Lambeth rather than Wandsworth girl, my consultant has suggested we re apply as it may well be a different PCT in that area.  Also TCT are going to get involved and see if they can do anything to help.

On a TCT note, I have been given the DVD of me speaking at the Royal Albert Hall and am very happy to report back that it is not embarrassing at all and am actually rather impressed with my coolness and togetherness considering how nervous I felt!  I was also at Canary Wharf last week for a charity day at BGC (Barlcays something a rather) and meet Cilla Black and the Tony (can't remember his surname) who sang Amarillo!  I had a really long chat with his wife who is massively into complimentary health.

New flat - love it, am so happy in it and Liza likes it to, thanks fuck!  As I was really worried that she wouldn't.  Am being driven back tomorrow night with the last of my kitchen stuff and a couple of chairs etc and I believe it will be fully kitted out.  I tell you what, Spadsa (Asda to everyone else, I refer to it as Spadsa as it's where special people shop....) it bloody brilliant when needing to buy basics.  I got a mop for 2 quid, 16 or 18 glasses for a fiver!  Bloody brilliant.

What else,...hmmm, ooh, my first video blog has gone live, so here is the address so you can have a look.  I believe that a new one will be put up every week from now on (until they run out of them, which reminds me, I need to post back my most recent ones....).  So here is the link:
And ummm was going to add something else but I went to take something out of the oven and can't remember what it was...bugger.....

As I have completely lost my train of thought shall bugger off!  It's also Kevla's birthday (the big 60!!) so should probably go and spend some time with him.....

How funny, was just talking about my speaking at the Royal Albert Hall where I announced my love for Dave Grohl and now The Foo Fighters are being played on the radio...WEIRD!!!! Right, am now really buggering off.

Much love, laughter and smiles as usual,
p.s. how many have noticed the new layout/colour scheme to my blog??  Also another funny coincidence is that the blue is the blue of TCT!  Crazyness....


  1. Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

  2. Massive apologies for not replying to your comment earlier, as I do really appreciate it when people comment! What are you in disagreement with?