Sunday, 31 October 2010

Ummmm, can't think of a title...any suggestions??

So, ummmm, brain not really working after only 5 hours sleep last night after a seriously random but fun night out in Balham...yes, I went to zone 3 voluntarily!  And am pretty knackered at the moment as haven't been sleeping properly lately, am not sure why not. Don't know if it's a full moon or if it's my brain processing everything from uni that is keeping me awake.  Hopefully it will stop soon and I will resume to getting enough sleep each night!

On the uni front, all is going well, my head hurts most of the time though.  Concentrating is fucking hard work!!  Am also having to retrain my thought process about maths and science from when I was at school which was an immediate 'can't do it, don't understand, bored, I just want to flirt with the boys' to 'oh right, that's what it means, that's how it works, I GET IT!!!!!!'  Which is massively revolutionary and a huge relief at the same time.  Just need to do more work outside of the classroom.  Am meant to be doing that now as my lovely flatty Liza has her boyfriend Ed over and they are both doing work as Liza is lesson planning for the horrors she teaches....have I mentioned the school she works in??  I won't mention the name, but to sum it up, they have police, potentially riot police I can't remember, on the school premises every day just in case!!  And Ed works full time and is doing a law conversion (maniac) so I thought I would do some work too.  Well googling an idiots guide of how to write and balance formulaic equations for chemistry.  If anyone knows a good site, or is able to explain this in one syllable words, please let me know!!!  And then I thought that I feel massively hungover, yes I STILL get hangovers even though I don't drink because my hangovers were sleep deprivation, and I still get that so the sober person still and then thought I would blog.  Lucky you!

I randomly bumped into a school friend last night who I haven't seen since school and he told me that he reads my blog as when it imports onto Facebook (so Freddie, you are now officially famous for getting a mention here!) and I was reminded that people do actually read this so thought would do a little update.  When I first stated this I got comments all the time as everything was still new and I guess quite scary for everyone, but over 3 and a half years down the line I guess everyone has come round to my blaseness (and yes, that is a word) about the situation and the comments have stopped.  Do feel free to leave a comment if you want, even if it's entirely random and not connected to anything in the blog, so I know you are still reading this and I'm not being completely self indulgent and just writing (rather wittily, once again, that is a word, and I've just done a spell check and it IS actually a word!) for myself.  Although that's not a bad thing either, very therapeutic etc etc

So what's new?  Am completely settled in the flat and have only one box left to unpack, and am very happy here with Liza so that's all good.  Have also seen a few inmates which was very exciting.  Groups seem to be able to go outside for exercise on a Wed afternoon and I've seen them waiting to be let back in.  When they saw me they all started waving manically and then realised that I'm female and then all promptly started wolf whistling which made me giggle.

I have had some bad news since I last blogged which is that my Godfather has been diagnosed with a tumour in his oesophagus where his throat and stomach meet.  The prognosis is good though, chemo, surgery and then mop up chemo so all will be fine which is obviously a massive relief.  In some ways I am grateful to my diagnosis as I don't go into immediate melt down, tears and panic.  I am able to compute it a bit and know that whilst is is scary, its manageable.  I will be eternally grateful for that.  Uh oh, I feel a slightly maudlin mood coming on so shall move onto something else.....

My video blogs, am now up to blog 5 and have a family blog and friends blog up so go and have a gander.
I am also AMAZED that my first video blog has been watched something like 146 times, MENTAL!!  Also a massive thank you to anyone reading this who has watched them...and comments would be good so I can include, remove etc stuff to new ones as I do them.  I'm afraid if you don't like them tough, I'm not going to stop doing them as once again it's a complete self indulgence for me (does that make sense grammatically??  I think probable not and my father will be tearing his hair out, especially when he thinks about the thousands of pounds he spent on my education....) and they make me laugh when I watch them as they go up online.

And I know you are all thinking, shit, she's babbled on for ages without mentioning the Teenage Cancer Trust, what's happening????  But here it is....A couple of weeks ago I was part of a shoot for a campaign that the Yorkshire Building Society is doing to raise money and I believe that photo's of me will be in the brancheson here as there was a hair/make up artist so will obviously have to show off the professional pics. And if for any random reason the photographer Simon Webbe, no not the singer from Blue, ever reads thins...thank you, the pics are amazing !!!  And sorry for being a bit rude/cheeky, I DON'T like being called Kate by ANYONE!  Although thinking about that, I might not correct the Queen if I were to ever meet her....

So ummm...oh yes, another TCT thing.  My darling cousin Octavia is currently hiking in the Himalayas (and I'm fairly sure that's how it spelt....might go and check...) so here's the link to her page on the Teenage Cancer Trust website a bit jealous of that...I don't have a page dedicated to me, hmmm, might have to phone and moan about that!!!  God, I'm such a fucking diva.  Calm down Katherine and stop being a twat.  I've just thought, is that word a bit strong to be on here?  It's a step above fuck isn't it???  It does also happen to be my new favourite word at the moment, am not sure why or where it's come from and as I'm 26 (can't believe it!!) in just over 3 weeks I suppose I'm old enough to put that word on here and apologies to anyone who is offended by it.  And Grandma, just because I use it, does NOT mean that you can ok???  (and for those of you who think I'm joking about my Grandma reading this, I'm not.  She is a bigger internet geek than I am.  She doesn't swear as much as me though). 

Is there anything more to say?  I don't think so.  Check up in a couple of weeks so hopefully even better results than last time. Should probably go back and make sure this makes sense, well as much sense as the massively rambled thoughts of my mind written down can be!

Lots of love, laughter and smiles as ever,


  1. Kevlar says:
    Sp. manicly.....
    a short list of etymologogically (in one sense) associated words:

    Twat is a very good word; do you say twAt or twOt? Both are acceptable, as in eether or eyether.

  2. Brain can't process that comment. Will post a suitably rude and scathing response after I've had some sleep!