Thursday, 2 December 2010


So I was going to do a massive blog about my last check up and all things since (because I have a Chemistry exam on Monday...eek and am procrastinating rather than revising!!!!!) and have just seen that I've already done it....arse.

But I can mention some new stuff:

1) Have had all my hair cut jokes, it's like a boys but with a long fringe.

2) I feautre on the Coffee Republic website, hence being famous.
I don't know why it is won't let me rotate it..... If  you want to have a better look, here is the link:

3) I went up to the studio to take part in a live debate last week about fertility, have a look:

4) Ummm, shit, have forgotten ther next one, aghhh, ummmm, shit....ummm...... I have remembered!!  My first video blog has been watched over 200 times!!  I can't believe it!!!  So a massive thank you to everyone who has watched it.  And if you haven't, go and have a look. and search katie ruane.

5) For those of you who live in Yorkshire, I believe that there are pics of me in the Yorksire Building Society branches.  Please can someone go and have a look and let me know.  Also take a pic and send it to me. Thank you!

6) London has snow!!!!!!!!  Woop woop!!!  And I'm very upset about all the people I know in Yorshire who have LOADS and are moaning about it.  Embrace it, love it and send it down here!!!
 Opposite my flat...ahhh, isn't is pretty??!!

7) Some very sad news, I am officially too old for the Teenage Cancer Trust as I am now 26, but shhhhhh, don't tell them!!!!

8) Right, should probably go and do some Chemistry revision so I don't fail as that would be a serious bugger.

9) My iPhone is playing up and don't think I can last 15-28 days with a loan phone that has no internet/email/facebook/apps etc.  That is a very depressing thought....

10) Topman has released AMAZING snoods, bobble hats and scats (a hat and scarf combined) and they are only £16 and a fiver goes to TCT, so if you need presents for people, GO BUY THEM!!!  And ignore that fact that they are sold in Topman, I wear mine with pride and contrary to popular opinion, I am not a man!!!  And here's the link so you can have a look at them:

Lots of love, laughter and smiles AND SNOW,

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