Saturday, 5 March 2011


Well my little bloglets,

2 very exciting things have taken place in the last couple of days, well actually 3 things.  The first:

I got 62.5% in my anatomy and physiology test, woop!!!  Was really worried about it!

The second:

Milo is home for a week, and haven't seen him since September, so it's fucking lush seeing him. And before you ask, no, there have been no tears (.....yet!)

The third:

Well I suppose this is the most exciting thing of all.  I had my check up on Thursday (no joy on the scales, have only lost a kilo, but Milo is buying my running shoes for my Christmas present so with lighter days, this week the running in earnest starts again.  Also will have to start marathon training in the not too distant future, and you know what?  I'm actually really excited about it.  Although, might not run for TCT as this weekend is their conference FYSOT and I wasn't allowed to go....sob, moan, maybe I'll run for the Cat's Protection League or something.....!!!  Ha ha, jokes, OF COURSE I'll be running for them as I simply LOVE their fluro yellow running bib.  Anyways, have digressed massively.  Must get back to the point.).  I asked my consultant what my PCR (Leukamic Rate) was last time and she said her usual, it's fine, you're fine, keep taking the drugs.  It's had risen slightly to 0.08% and I once again said how determined to get it down to 0.00% so she said, ok, let's increase the dosage you are on to do it.  WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

When I first started the drug I'm on at the moment, at 100mg a day, my platelets crashed, so the dosage was reduced to 70mg, and hopefully next week the new prescription will arrive and I will start on 100mg.  I have a check up in 4 weeks to keep an eye on me and to make sure my platelets stay up, but worry not folks, I have had a stern chat with them, and they ARE going to behave!

Well I think that's about it....

Lots of love, laughter, and smiles,

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