Thursday, 18 August 2011

Miss you Melbourne

to stop him from moving,and when he started to cry she smacked him until he stopped.  I have never been so happy to get off a bus in my life!!!!  I then got on a very comfy train and read/slept/looked at the scenery for 7 hours until the train got to Melbourne.

I arrive quite late, so found my hostel which was actually a guest house and was really nice and clean and quiet and was 2 seconds away from the nearest train station which was amazing.  I stayed in an area called South Yarra. 

On Saturday, I went for a run, and after chatting to a guy who was also staying in the guest house wandered into the city through the botanical gardens and along the river.  That night I got back, had some food and crashed out as I spent about 6 hours walking. I saw so much, I cant really be arsed to list to all now.  I really loved the mix of modern and old architecture - (well as old as Melbourne is! about 3 minutes!!) with the use of glass in the new, and sandstone (I think) with the old.  Classical and sleek modern next to each other.

Sunday I met up with 2 guys who were in Milo's year at school.    I thought Murray had said 10am in his text, so got up to go and meet him and Stevo then, so when I sent him a message just to make sure I was in the right place, he said I was, but weren't we meeting at 1pm??  I double checked his message and yes, he had put 1.00 which I had read at 10.0.  So good, got up reasonable early (for me) just to find out I was 3 hours early.  I then walked down to St. Kilda which is where Ramsey Street is, but didn't get that far.  I spent a few minutes at he beach and then had to turn around to walk back and meet Murray and Stevo. We went for lunch and then Stevo left and Murray and myself went for an amazing hot chocolate.

Monday was up at 6am, yuk yuk fucking yuk to go on a Great Ocean Road day.  It was amazing and I'm glad I went, just found getting up a bit of a shock to the system, especially when I jumped into the shower and the hot water hadn't come through!!  I was amazed at how the landscape reminded me of the country side at home especially as we went past lots of dairy herds.  (Claudia I tried to take some pics of the really cute fluffy cows, but we were going too fast).  I saw the 12, or rather 10 Apostles.  2 have crumbled into the ocean.  A rock thing called London Bridge, except the bridge bit fell into the ocean a couple of years ago, so really they should rename it.  What else did we see?  Went for a little walk in some Rain Forrest, and spent a lot of the time in the mini bus going from a to b.  But panic not, have loads of photos!! (about 1500 so far).

Tuesday I got up fairly early to go and look at the Queen Victoria Market and laughed quite a lot because they call lean mince, 'diet mince' and yes, took a photo.  The size of the steaks were also fucking ENORMOUS!!  And yes, got a photo. (Crouch, you would have been in meat heaven!).  I then went to the Batman Hill Hotel - yes, they have a few streets and a park names after Batman, and unfortunately don't have any pics.... to be picked up to go to Phillip Island via a little animal park thing with Koalas, Kangaroos, etc.  They also had Tasmanian Devils and I was VERY disappointed to see they looked nothing like the cartoon!!!!  We also went to a nice beach and watched some fucking idiotic people surfing, it was fucking cold and the ocean was even colder.  And no, you stupid people, of course I didn't go in!  Everyone else put their feet in and spent about half an hour complaining because they couldn't feel their feet. I laughed smugly because I was nice and warm and dry!  At sunset the penguins come up onto the beach to their burrows and they are fucking funny.  They are terrified about crossing the beach, fair enough I suppose being that small, and they get together in groups in the hope that if they get attacked by a predator, it will go for another one in the group and then waddle over the sand to their burrows.  They also duck about every 5 seconds as they think something is after them, so it takes them a while to cross the sand.  After that it was pizza time and then got back at about 9.45pm.

Wednesday, or yesterday it was time to leave. My flight wasn't until 6pm so I went into the city to go on the free city tram tour.  On reflection it was a bit of a waste of time because it went everywhere I walked on my mammoth city walk, but hey ho.  I then went and met Murray for a quick lunch, and had my healthiest one to date.  Pancakes with banana, chocolate source and vanilla ice cream.. Yum yum yum.  When I get home, I'm going to eat bananas more as I've realised on this trip  that I actually really like them, and they don't cost 15quid a kilo either!! 
On the flight over to NZ I was sat next to two South African men on a business trip - they make something to do with smelting and sugar mills or something.  Anyways, had a nice time chatting with them and they have defo sold SA as my next trip destination, and they have said they will point me in the direction of the non rip off places etc and I and whoever I'm with can stay with them too, so I will defo take them up on that at some point.

So my lovely ones, can't believe I've only got about 2 and a bit weeks left, where has the time gone??

So Australia was fab, oh I forgot to tell you about Melbourne and maccy D's, KFC etc.  THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!  On the Great Ocean Day trip thing, we stopped on the way back for a quick food break if you wanted to eat, I waited until getting back to the guest house because the town we stopped in had a Maccy D's, KFC, Chinese takeaway and a Subway.  That was it.  I was shocked.  No wonder Australia is getting so fat. So on that happy note, I might go and get some cake or something, as I can't really do anything in Christchurch as there isn't anything safe and standing!

Lots of love to you all,

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