Saturday, 10 September 2011

Recent check up and a few pics

Well my little bloglets,

Had my first 3 month check up (woop woop) on Thursday and the Leukaemic rate it still the same....good but I'm a bit bored now, want it to stop plateauing and go down... and my platelets have dropped a little bit to 104, but overall it's fine, and my consultant is happy.  Met her son which was funny - he has been doing some work experience, don't know if he wants to be a medic, or just needs to money after travelling in the hospital and was doing customer, or rather patient,  satisfaction  surveys.  We had a bit of banter about my being a student.  When I found out he was her son I told her I would have been much less complimentary and far ruder about both the clinic and her.  She thought that was very funny!

So anyways, I've jut done another film for jimmyteens so thought I would put some pics up like I said I would, and have been meaning to do.  Have only put a few of the places on this one as otherwise it will be a HUGE blog posting, and I'm about to go out, so will put more up in another one, probably tomorrow.

                                                                         My cake:



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