Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I can actually make a difference in the NHS!

Well peeps,

Back again!  Bet you didn’t think that would happen so soon as I have not been blogging very regularly recently.  As I am at the rentals at the moment, with less than a week to go before I haul all my shit back to London- well a suitcase, a rucksack and stationary.  Lots and lots of stationary.  LOVE stationary!!  And near the rentals in Colchester is an amazing shop with good quality pens etc but not at an extortionate price, so will be stocking up there before I leave.  Anyways, gone off the point slightly I think….. Ahh yes, still in the country, I have time to do this.  Not that I don’t in London, but at home, the one or actually two things I have to do myself are get up and shower.  Oh and I suppose, go back to bed at the end of the day.  And get dressed and then into my pj’s.  So I lied, I have to do, hang on, just need to count, 5 things a day myself.  The rest magically happens by my parents.  No I am not 27, going to be 28 rather soon, I am in fact 5!  And it appears I am a 5 year old with a wondering mind today and can’t actually remember what I was going to say….but no doubt something else will replace it and probably in a nonsensical way.  Yes, yes, I know, 10 points to me for a good word.

Right, yes, so back to London I go next week.  Don’t feel quite prepared for it, and not quite a rested as I had hoped, and definitely haven’t done as much work or running as I had planned….but, I have had a wonderful time.  As some of you may well know if you read this more than once, I am not good with change, and going back to London is a change.  However, I do love London and my flat and being in Brixton and I think seeing all my friends again will be a good thing, as I get more hermitty daily in the country. I was in London yesterday for the day (got up at 6.30 to be on the 7.08 train.  I know you won’t believe me, but it’s true!  Oh and that is AM not PM) and whilst I found myself getting slightly irritated with the fuckwits in the tube getting in the way, I loved it.  I love the buzz there, especially at the moment.  I have always been a proud Londoner being very proud of the city and all it has to offer.  The range of people, architecture, food, museums etc, but the Olympics and Paralympics have made me even more proud.  London is fucking fabulous and I am so lucky to be there.  Also, there were rather a lot of veeeery nice looking men on their way to work yesterday morning which helped.  A lot. 

So the reason for being in London yesterday is that I have been invited by the Teenage Cancer Trust (ha, you thought I was going to do a post not mentioning them, rooky error!)  to become a cancer peer reviewer for the NHS mainly for Teen and Young Adult wards, but I can do others as well if I feel confident.  This means that when different departments get, well I guess, audited by the NHS to make sure that they are following the set guidelines etc etc etc that they are actually doing it.  It hit me yesterday that actually this is a phenomenal thing to be able to do.  I ACTUALLY get to make a difference in the NHS, which, when you think about it is mind blowing.  I can make sure that people get the best and correct treatment, access to trials etc.  By doing this I am able to help to make sure that what I experienced in Scotland is minimised.  This is such an honour and one that I will do to my best ability.  If I have mentioned this previously, sorry, and get over it!

I have also come to a decision recently; you may remember the cancer course I have been going to since 2008, at a cancer centre in Clapham?  Well it looks like the monthly group meets have come to an end, and I actively said that I didn’t want to continue with it.  I think this is because it has linked in with my fantastic news from my last check up and it’s time to move on.  I have come to realise over the past 5 and three quarter years that I was diagnosed for a reason.  I have never really begrudged the diagnosis and whilst I have had moments of ‘why me?’ especially when on the first chemo and so intolerant to it and miserable and alone, the good that has come out is immeasurable.  I’m not going to go into a list of it now -maybe that should be saved for the first post I do post treatment, fucking hell post treatment.  Never thought I would be able to say those words so soon and know that it is a reality, not a desperate want, which is how it has been until now.  So yes.  As time goes on, it is revealed to me why that blood test on January 19th was in fact the beginning of a whole new life for me and one in which I can make a difference.  And going to review departments in the NHS is making one hell of a difference!

On a very different note, I follow someone on twitter who writes a fucking HILARIOUS blog, the ones about food and cooking make me laugh the most.  If you want to giggle, which I doubt my ramble today has done, go and read it.

So lovely ones, I should probably go and do some work as I haven’t started my physiology revision yet and the Uni term is getting closer at a terrifying speed!
So until next time, which may well be next week as I have the photo shoot next Friday for Grazia, and will let you know how it goes,

Lots of love, laughter and smiles,

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