Thursday, 19 July 2007

A rather dramatic check up

Well dear readers I have had yet another check up yesterday, and for once it was rather exciting, well in as much as I was quite dramatic! So I shall tell you everything from the begining.

I had a phone call last Friday saying that I had been squeezed in to a clinic at Gynaecology to see the consultant Nick Pannay at 11 on Tues the 18th. I thought brillo, cause my haematology check up was at 11.45. So I had to get up extra early (7.30..YUK!) to get the 8.47 to arrive at Paddington at 09.50, because if I got the later train, I would have got in at 10.50 and no way in hell would I have got to the hospital by 11. As it turned out I should have got the later train anyways, and been able to travel for just under 16 quid including tube all day instead of 23 pounds something, and then put money on my Oyster (for those of you unaware of said Oyster card, it's a pay as you go pass for the tube and bus that's cheaper than buying tickets from machines, unless of course you get the train AND bus/tube for fifteen squids...) anyways, enough of the cost of public transport rant.

So I arrived at the hospital at about 5 to 11 and told the receptionist that I had an appointment at 11 etc etc and that I had been rung on Fri about it etc etc The 'kind and helpful' (my arse, one of THE most UNHELPFUl) person in reply said, you're not on the system and I don't know anything about this, which was the response to everything said when I have to repeat to various people infront of the recpetionist what was happening/had happened...great! I then go and sit and wait for it to be resolevd. I'm then told that Mr. Pannay doesn't know anything about me going to the clinic, when I'm booked in for the following tues (thank god I didn't cancel the orginal appointment when I was told I was squeezed into yesterdays clinic) and also that they don't have my notes. Can I go to Haematology and get them and take them back and then they MIGHT be able to see me.

I then trotted over to the wonderful, efficiant, organized receptionists at my beloved haematology, where after walking throught the door just a little flustered and hot with cardigan and pashmina flying all over the place, I was greeted with a 'hello Katherine...are you ok?'. I explained what whas going on, was told that Gynaecology did have my notes, they had collected them the previous fri and that they are generally a disorganized nightmare! And got on the phone to try and sort it out, rather than making me go all over the hospital to try and sort it out. As Gynaecology should have done in the first place rather than making me do it, when they were aware of the Leukaemia, and STIll sent me trotting! By this point it was 11.20 and I thought sod it, sat down in Haematology and spent the next couple of hours there!

So I still have my consultation on tues to discuss the removal of eggs to be frozen...

Right, so how was my blood count etc...oh this is where is gets a bit dramatic!

When having my blood taken I began to feel REALLY weak/dizzy/feint etc so said to the nurse. It was also at this point that the blood was, well not flowing very well into the tube thing and the nurse removed the needle and got me some water. Instead of feeling better, which I usually do if I feel feint. Now I am not one of those people who feints at blood test, and I thought this was rather odd. I told her that it may be because I was a bit hungry as I had been up for hours, and my breakfast on the train of 2 apples and a pear was a lot then, (at 9am) was probable not doing much at 12.30. I had also been eating brazil nuts just before my blood test, so was slightly confuzzeled. She decided to take my blood pressure which was somethin like 55 over 60 or something and promptly made me lie down on a bed and call another nurse as I think she was worried that it was so low(and that I hadn't collapsed and was worried that I was going to!) She then trotted off to get me a cup of tea, and a couple of buscuits. ( I love the staff in Haematology!!) After about 15/20 mins I was back to my usual self and she finished the blood test with me lying down....!!!

I then went back to the waiting room and then saw the consultant. I think I have now seen every consultant there! Unlike in Edinburgh, where I only see Pat Sheppard, at the Hammersmith I see all the team. My white cell count is 4, which is fine, my platelets were around 109. I say around because when I had the test, they all clotted together which is why the blood tricked so slowly. Due to this they had to re do that blood test and am awaiting a phone call to see what the actual count is, and if I have to adjust the cell killing drug I'm taking.

So that was my rather dramatic check up yesterday!

I think thats about it really. Panic not about my bodys attempt at feinting, am absolutely fine!!

Can't think of anything else of importance.

More on Tues or Wed after the IVF consutation!

Lots of love, smiles and laughter.

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