Saturday, 7 July 2007

A say in London

Well dear readers, am currently in London Town (well that actually in London...debatable!!!) staying with my darling sister, so am able to log in to my blog, woop!! (the laptop won't let me type in the title bar, hense the no name....pretend it's called 'Notes from London'.)

Had another check up last Wed, all is well. White cell count 4.9, which is apparently fine and not low and nothing to worry about. Apparently when it get's to about 0.01 you begin to worry...Platelets down to something like 380ish, can't really remember, but it's all good as everything is under control.

As it's sunny, yes, it's England, it's July and the sun is FINALLY here, Claudia is playing what she calls schpangle, yes, exactly. Similar what the fuck thoughts came to my mind as well. Not sure if I've spelt it correctly, but as it's a word she's blatently made up to refer to a type of music she doesn't know the coreect terminology for, I can spell it how I like!

I have an IVF appointment booked for the 24th, yes it is quite a long way away, so my consultant is trying to get me bumped up the list. I say good luck, because the receptionist I have had the pleasure of talking to 3 times, is the most unhelpful person I have EVER come across, and obviously doesn't listen as I had to explain something three times...or she's not that bright....

I might have stem cells taken which will be fun!! Or not...hooked up to a machine for about 3 hours. That's fine and potentially exciting, as long as it doesn't hurt! I have so far escaped the most painful thing that could have happened so far, a bone marrow test, and I aim to escape all things painful for as long as pos. Not sure about the huge fuck off mile long needle that will go into my ovary though.....

Anyways, enough of this talk of long needles, cause I know that if my dear papa is reading this, he will be sitting down and slightly green...!!!!!

What else, I don't really know. Another check up in about 10 days. Been riding alot, have some exciting house sitting coming up! TV, WOOP!!! So happy!!! Have a friends birthday dinner party tonight, and that's about it really. Nothing of interest comes to mind. Although to be fair, I don't always put things of interest on this!!

As Claudia is up and about, and we need to decide what to do today, I shall bugger off!!

Love, laughter and smiles as usual!

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