Friday, 22 February 2008


Dear All,

Am too tired to think of a title for this blog, hense the name!

Right, had a check up yesterday, platelets up to 103, so that's good. I did ask why they aren't settling down, and didn't really get an answer other than because 'the drugs are working', but nevermind. That's possibly because Dr. Shepherd doesn't really know, and that answer is better, in her mind than 'I don't know'!

White count is up oh so slightly to 4.8, instead of the 4.4 is has been for so long. This may have been due to the injections I had on Monday because I'm going to Egypt on the 3rd March!!! I KNOW!!! The parentals have decided that I need a proper break with doing nothing at all. I of course didn't like to tell them otherwise! The rise may also be because I'm so utterly exhausted from all this essay malarkey. It's NOT fun! I'm about half way through so that's good.

I saw my DOS (Director of Studies) today, to tell him that I'm defiantely leaving at the end of this year, so he has to sort out the paper work for the general degree. Although he kept on referring to it as the B.A, so maybe I'm getting more...who knows. A degreee is still a degree at the end of the day, and it means that the past 3/4 years haven't been for nothing. He was really great today, telling me how much he admires me, and that I really deserve to end up wth something at the end of this year. I was telling him how I get so tired, and everything takes so much longer, and he thinks that I possiby shouldn't sit the exmas at the end of this year, which I agree with. To be honest, I don't think I'm up to the stress of revision, and don't think I have the energy I'd need to revise efficiently, effectively and do well, so it's comforting knowing he's 110% behind me, and on my side. I think they will look at essay marks, and see what my average has been since I started and see what was most likely that I would have ended up with. Which is good, as my marks were always a good 2.1.

What else, hmmm, am serisouly looking forward to getting away for a week, not only to the sun and heat, but to know that I don't have to go to the sodding library for hours every day.

I just thought fo something, but it's gone....hmmmm........nope, not there!

Thank you to all who have donated money to Milo and the marathon since my last message. The response has been amazing!!

Am off to get some lunch, will write again if I remember anything else. Oh yes, after easter my chemo dosage is going to be increased again to 100 mg to see what happens.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Lots of love, laughter and smiles,

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