Sunday, 17 February 2008

We have hit £1,000

Dear All,

Just an uber quick note to say a big thank you to all of you have donated. We have hit the £1,000 and I believe we are well on our way to hit the £5,000 target which Milo has set. ( At least I think he has anyway!!)

To all of you who have donated, an email of thanks is on it's way very, very soon!! I'm sorry to say that off line donations can't be named, I hadn't realised this. If this puts peope of writing a cheque, the online dontation site is very, very easy to use!! Just go to and follow the directions!!

Due to the cheque writers being unnamed, I know who you are, and am ever grateful for the money!! Recognition is on its way...I hope you don't mind it being through an email, as I know it will get to your straight away, and because I'm too lazy/swamped with work to go and buy nice writing paper!

So much love to you all (and to those of you who feel quilty for not donating...GOOD!!! Do it NOW!!!)


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