Thursday, 5 March 2009

Photo shoots pics, and a little rant

This is one of the outfits, not the one used in the magazine which you clearly all know as you have obviously ALL bought Compnay Magazine, March edition! If not, only a couple of weeks left to get it!! (How amazing are the shoes?!?!? I just need to do another weeks work, and I'll be buying them!!)
Obviously a close, up, did I really need to label it?!?!
This is the pic they used in the magazine.

Well everyone,

Firstly a rant: (am now reading it through to see if I make sense, and it's all a rant, can't remember what the second non rant thing was going to be...)

The weather! It tricks us last week with a lovely sunny day that means you can take off your coat and one of the 5 jumpers that you wear, and makes you think that maybe, oh maybe it might be getting warmer, BUT NO! This week it's fucking cold and miserable again! GOOD!

The second is that for the last week or so I have been plagued with a skin rash...the drugs? I think it might be, oh joy! AND I had to spend £21 on prescription charges for the various creams....brilliant! Because I am so loaded with an amazingly highly paid job and I so have money to waste of steroid creams etc etc etc! Bring on April when I get free prescriptions and shall make up on a weekly basis something that is wrong that needs a cream/pill of some sort and rinse the system with my 'I'm special and have cancer so I don't have to pay for these ha ha ha ha' card.

Oh and whilst I'm on a ranting roll, because of one of the rashes the doctor (who is lovely and amazing, and said that if I ever need an appointment I get to jump to the top of the queue, woop woop! And rang me with my blood test results etc just to keep me in the loop....why can't they all be like this?) anyways, so one of the rashes, she thought, might have happened because my platelet count might have crashed. Oh joy! And not beyond the realms of possibility if you remember the hassle I had with them a year ago. So had an appointment made with the nurse for Monday (just gone) morning.

So up I got, at the outrageous time of 9.30 to be there for 10. Sat there waiting for 40 mins, just to be told when I got into the nurses room that I couldn't have the blood test done there because special platelet blood tests have to get to the lab quickly and not sit around in the fridge. So off I go to St. Thomas' hospital where I sit for another 45 mins, just to be butchered by the nurse to get some blood.

I have rather delicate veins, and he got a rather large needle out, I asked if he had any smaller and he looked like me as if I was an alien, and said no, they don't come smaller. BOLLOCKS! So of course he fucked up the first arm, I said again, that they normally use a smaller needle with me, he once again ignored me, and dug into my other arm. And it hurt so the vein jumped to he had to wiggle the needle around to try and find the vein which hurt and made me feel a bit funny. He finally managed to to get enough blood for the tube and off I went feeling very battered, bruised and pissed off!

That afternoon the doctor rang to say sorry about all the palaver of the morning, and that I could have had the blood test done at the surgery as it was a standard cell count test, but as she had specifically said platelet count on my notes, the nurse thought it was a different test so sent me off to the hospital!


On the plus point, I discovered Lambeth Palace which is beautiful and want to go back and have another look.

I'm also feeling a bit ranty at the moment (have you noticed? No? I didn't think so, I am being rather subtle about it all!) because all these reactions mean I might have to change my drugs and my grand plan is getting monumentally fucked. Next check up, in a couple of weeks, I'm going to ask about Egypt. If she's happy for me to go, I'm going to go in a year. Getting a job seems to be rather hard here at the moment, and I'd much rather be broke and jobless in the sun!

So my dear bloglets, rant over, I do apologise, well only a little bit!

Oh and is Jade Goody pissing anyone else off?? Fair enough sell your wedding for money for your children, but everything else is over the top. Have some dignity! Yes you have cancer and that sucks, yes you don't have long to live which sucks, hundreds of people have cancer and die daily and they do it with a bit of dignity, rather than flogging every second of it for money! (is ANY going to cancer research??) And apparently she is having her death filmed by news cameras....nice! Maybe I'm over reacting and it's a good thing that her suffering is being recorded on a daily basis and that the whole nation is just waiting for her to die, but after a very close and special family friend died a couple of weeks ago from bone cancer at home in peace with her family amI just being a bit touchy about it?? What are your thoughts??

I am now going to bugger off, be grumpy and watch Top Gear and hope that the idiotic antics of Jeremy 'I'm amazing' Clarkson, James 'I have really bad hair' May, and Richard (I fancy you quite a lot, so have no inverted comma name) Hammond make me giggle a little bit!

Hope all is well with everyone, once again, if any of you need someone to work for you...I'm your girl!

Lots of love, laughter and giggles, which believe it or not I am doing a lot of at the moment, mainly due to my amazingly lovely flat mates,


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