Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Leukaemic rate down to 0.06%

Well dear all I fell like I should be having a little boogie about the recent news.

The rate has finally plummeted down...yay...but in all honesty I don't feel yay. Maybe it's because my consultant wasn't there to answer my question....yes I finally had some questions to ask and was seen by someone else. Although lovely and helpful, not my consultant who knows me and the conversations we've had.

Also my fucking platelets are playing up again, down to 74 so am back in a month for a check up.

Also everyone keeps on dying. Can you all have some consideration for others please, and STOP???!!!

Oh and still jobless.

Fuck me, I've turned into a right little moaner haven't I?!?!? Ok, right, Katherine, snap out of it!

Right, happy me back. So yes, amazing, the rate is down, soon it will be at 0.02 or even dare I say 0.00% and I can start my 2 year count down of being taken of the drugs and buggering off to Egypt. Woop woop!

I also went to a Teenage Cancer Trust (who I'm running the half marathon for in Sept or Oct, start saving up your pennys, the harassing will start soon) last Friday which was so much fun. I also happened to mention my age, they thought I was about I offended or pleased?!?! And told me to keep quiet about being 24 so I can still go to stuff. So on the 22d April I am getting all glammed up and am going to the Dorchester for a perfume award and dinner. I think it will be fun. I also have to go up to the stage to accept flowers on behalf of TCT, fingers crossed I don't trip on my killer heals and fall on my face in front of everyone. Whilst that is one way to get all the nice young men's attention, I would rather do it with my good looks and witty sense of humour!

What else, hmm....still looking for work, I'm sure the perfect job is just round the corner!

Oooh, also I am officially rare when it comes to cancer. This actually makes me happy, I like to be different and you don't get much more different than rare so you!?!?

I feel like I should have more to say...unfortunately I have been ill since Sunday evening, am giving in and going to the doctors tomorrow, fingers crossed they just do a blood test there and send me home, not make me traipse all the way to the bloody hospital...but on the plus side I am now on series 3 of re watching 24, which is a very good thing! I don't have to make up excuses for lying on the sofa all day watching tv rather than looking for work. I'm ill so am allowed!

I can't think of much else, have started a little group on the Macmillan website calling all young cancer kids, well young adults as we are a huge gap in the market, to talk about anything and everything, hopefully people will get involved!

I think that's it really, can't think of anything else. I hope all is well with everyone. If anything interesting happens at the doctors, I shall let you know. Sorry for being a whiny grump at the beginning, everything is going really well and fingers crossed that next month the rate will be down to 0.02% and the official two year count down can begin!

Lots of love, laughter and giggles as ever,

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