Saturday, 6 June 2009

Belated news

Well I know it’s been a while since I blogged dear readers, this is because the charger to my laptop has broken and I can’t use my laptop as it’s run out of battery until I get a new charger. To do this I need some money which I have been lacking recently due to a month of no work which was slightly helped by 3 weeks of the most boring data entry job which I couldn’t decide to cry or commit suicide due to boredom at about 9.05 each morning! Although I shouldn’t moan too much because that work has covered (I hope, haven’t been brave enough to check my bank balance recently…….) this months rent. I should probably have a look as I don’t want to get charged by banking bastards if I go over my overdraft….

Health front things are looking good. Two check ups ago the leukaemic rate was down to 0.03%, but the platelets were also down to 85. Most recent check up the leumkaemic rate was up to 0.06% and the platelets were also up to 118! My consultant thinks that my leukaemic rate has plateau-ed with little wiggles up and down so I am concentrating on platelets being up and leukaemic rate being down! Hopefully soon I shall be able to start my 2 year count down!!!

Happy news…..I HAVE A JOB! I just need to get a couple of fairly important things finalised, like hours and salary…..!!!!! But it’s all good! I got it through someone my mother knows (of course, applying for jobs the normal way does not work!) and I am an assistant to a fashion designer. She designs very nice beach wear, so bikini’s, swimsuits, beach/night time dresses. Everything is hand made over here and she mainly sells in boutiques abroad. We did the clothes show last weekend, which was an experience. It was meant to be upmarket and new designers etc, it was not. On the plus side we shared the stand with a women that Lulu (my boss) has met before in Kenya who was telling her how brilliant the shows are over there, so I think we are off there is December! Very exciting stuff!!

I also work in Parsons Green which means I can get the bus to work and traffic depending it only takes 15 mins, so I don’t have to get up stupidly early!

I’m sure there is lots more for me to be saying, but I can’t think of anything. I’m doing a ‘Healing Journey’ course at the local Macmillan Cancer Centre which is brilliant, lots of meditation, relaxation etc etc which I’m sure is helping me lots. I’ve also been given the go ahead for the half marathon in Sept, so the begging bowl is going to start appearing, I’m going to do a just giving page, so will put the details on here as soon as it’s done (prob later today). …I have now done it, it’s

I hope everyone is enjoying the BEAUTIFUL sun we are having at the moment, even though I am inside, it’s nice to see the sun and walk to the bus and back in the warmth each day, I might even put one of the blankets on my bed away soon…!! (as you can tell O wrote this a few days ago when it looked like we could possibly be in store for a nice summer…..I probably jinxed it, so apologies!)

Lots of Love, laughter and smiles as always,


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