Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It's a bit faaaarking chilly!!

Well hello peeps,

I am now in Brisbane and having a really good time. Have been chilling out a lot...still haven't started to write 'What to do when you don't know what to do'. I blame it all on the kindle. Every time I have a free moment, it calls to me 'read me, read me, don't ignore me...kaaaaaaaatieeeeeeeeeeee I'll cry!!!!!!!!' So I read. But I am not going to tell you all about Brisbane now, I might mention a couple of things, but as I'm here til Sunday I will write another email when I"m in Sydney telling you all about here. One thing, no I lie. Two things I will tell you about Brisbane. One- it's fucking hilly to run around - well the park is. Two - it's a bit fucking chilly in the evenings after Singapore and Bali. Am a tad worried about Melbourne and New Zealand. Maybe I will start writing in NZ as I won't be going outside AT ALL!!!!

So, Singaling. Left Bali on the Friday lunchtime and was a bit sad to leave my hotel, and my room, but was not sad to say good bye to Ubud. Got back to Singapore around 8.30pm and headed back to Milos before going to the cinema with him and a guy he works with called, shit, completely forgotten his name.....arse....nevermind. Let me just check if Milo gets these emails...apparently he doesn't, maybe I should add him...anyways it means I can refer to his colleague as hotty, because he was! And he had a nice body too. Thank you god for hot countries and swimming pools and sunglasses so you can perve...anyways, moving on. George, he's called George! Shame he's about 12 and has just moved to Singapore...right, Katherine shut up and move on.

So we went to see Brides Maids which was fucking HILARIOUS!!!!! And then headed back to his flat. On Saturday I got up and went for a run in the complex gym. We then chilled out by the pool before going to get some late lunch - had the most amazing french toast ever! It was made with danish pastry, yum yum yum - and went in the cable cars to a little island called Santosa I think and wondered around there. There is a theme park thing on there and a massive lion statue you can go up etc, but we just pootled around before heading back to the cable car. After this we went back to the flat for a bit and then went on a night safari at the zoo which was AMAZING!!!! Unfortunately I don't have any pics of the animals cause they are nocturnal and you can't use the flash on cameras cause it will do their eyes damage, but we saw lions, tigers, hippos, rhino's, loads of deer, water buffalo, giraffes etc etc oh and of course ELEPHANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also watched a show which was hilarious as it was the last one of the day and some of the animals were clearly fed up of behaving, so didn't. They also taught us about recycling by getting some otters to do it and other things.

On Sunday (my last day, sob, which I did when I said goodbye getting into the taxi...standard me) we went to the bird park which was incredible and the range of birds was huge! We wondered around for a couple of hours, seeing every type of tropical bird you can imagine, and vultures and swans and flamingo's etc. Worry not, I have about a billion pics and I will put some on here when I get back in Sept.

What else about Singapore? Not much, I don't think. It was so great to be able to spend some proper time with Milo. I don't think we've spent that much time together hanging out since I left school. He is a fabulous little bro. It was also great to hang out with his friends too, and they are hilarious. It's always good when you spend most of your time giggling. Oh and, wait for it, you'll never believe me.....I have a bit of a tan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well on my face, arms, chest and top of back, which lets face it, are the only bits that will be visible in the UK, so I'm fucking happy about that.

Well my lovely ones, I think that's about it. More next week at some point about Brisbane and what I've done. Am staying with a friend in Sydney which will be so nice, as the hostel is fine, and I splashed out to have my own room, it's always nice to be staying with someone that you know.

Right, am getting a bit hungry so am going to go and make some lunch - yes, have been good and bought salad stuff and fruit for my meals rather than eat sandwiches twice a day - Am saving up so I can eat sushi ALL THE TIME in Sydney!

Hope all is well with everyone, and that the sun has decided to shine.

Lots of love, laughter and smiles,

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