Friday, 15 July 2011

Coz I'm leeeeeeeeeeeeeeving on a Jet Plane....

Right my lovely bloglets,

It's 2.45 and I've got an hour and a quarter before I leave.  I'm all packed, took me, believe it or not from 9am til 2pm to sort everything out, tidy room etc.  I also did a bit of a re pack as my backpack was veeeery heavy and I was worried it would be too heavy, so am going to carry on the little day sack instead of leaving it attached and have all the heavy stuff in there.  Amazingly the little day sack weighs nearly as much as the big pack!

I had a very funny time in Blacks on High Street Ken getting my new back pack yesterday - have no fucking idea where the old one is, which is a shame as it's a bit bigger, but hey ho, means I won't be lugging stuff around I don't need.  Also I had met a friend for lunch and was knackered so had a coffee, so by the time I got to Blacks I was in full blown caffeine induced babble mode.  So the guy who helped me had a delightful time with me!  I also managed to flirt £10 off th price, GET IT!  Especially as they are faaarking expensive.

So I have checked in, chosen my aisle seat so I can wander around and pee a million times without disturbing anyone, and printed my boarding pass.  I can't actually believe I'm going!!!  Milo knows I'm arriving tomorrow afternoon and is going to come to the airport to collect me.

I'm currently eating left overs form last night - burgers and veg, so I'm going to be nice and garlicky.  Lucky, lucky BA passenger who will be next to me!!

I've changed my degree to a masters, so that's exciting and am posting off my letter to student finance today, so fingers crossed this coming years fees will be paid for!!!

What else?  So much, but can't really be arsed to sit here typing for an hour before I go.  I also have a book I want to finish as I have bought a kindle and carrying around a book because I had a few chapters left would defeat the point of buying the kindle.

A couple of weekends ago I went on a EFT and Matrix Reimprinting course which was unbelievable!  I am also now qualified, so can now start to get clients which is very exciting.  I will post more about EFT etc at some point.

Before I forget, here is a pic of the cake I got from Hummingbird for my leaving tea party:

How funny is that?!?  I thought it was hilarious and bust out laughing when I was asked to check it was ok in Hummingbird, and the person working had a straight face....serious lack of sense of humour me thinks!

Ok, I think that's it.  I've also gone really sleepy as I've purposely kept myself sleep deprived so I sleep the entire flight.  It helps that it's a night flight too, as I want to avoid as much jet lag as possible.

So my lovely ones, I am now going to bugger off.  I am taking my old blackberry with me, so I will be tweeting and facebooking more than I thought as I've got a world bundle thing added to my account.  I'll also be on the email and doing this too, so there won't be as much silence from me as I initially thought.

Lots of love, laughter and smiles (and getting pretty fucking excited about my flight tonight!!!!!!)

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